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How to get Starbird minion in FFXIV

Starbird is a new minion in FFXIV Endwalker. It drops from The Dead Ends which is a level 90 dungeon. Since Starbird is an untradeable minion, you can only get it from The Dead Ends dungeon.

  • Location: The Dead Ends.

Complete the Endwalker (Quest) to unlock this dungeon.

FF14 Starbird Information

Name Description
Location The Dead Ends(Level 90 Dungeons), Complete the Endwalker (Quest) to unlock this dungeon.
Behavior Independent
Tradeable No
Description Summon your starbird minion. Gazing up at the stars in the heavens, it ever sings a song of hope.
Journal A beautiful blue bird whose features are reminiscent of the star-faring creation Meteion. So long as hope abides in its master's heart, never shall its plumage take on the black of despair.
Tooltip Birds of a feather are we! - X'rhun Tia

FFXIV Starbird Minion

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List of Endwalker New Minions

Name Source Behavior Tradeable Description Journal Tooltip
FFXIV Starbird
Drops from level 90 dungeon The Dead Ends Independent No Summon your starbird minion. Gazing up at the stars in the heavens, it ever sings a song of hope. A beautiful blue bird whose features are reminiscent of the star-faring creation Meteion. So long as hope abides in its master's heart, never shall its plumage take on the black of despair. Birds of a feather are we! - X'rhun Tia
FFXIV Nosferatu
Acquired from Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle(It is a level 90 raid). Independent No Summon your nosferatu minion. Nothing if not gentlemanly...and perhaps bloodthirsty. Though understood to refer to vampires, the word “nosferatu” has an uncertain origin, and the same may be said of this bat-like creature. However, from the fact that it appears to be wearing a dinner suit and won't drink your blood without permission, it is clearly a gentlemanly sort. Aren't bats just the cutest little plague-bearers you ever did see? - Bat Enthusiast
Wind-up Vrtra
FFXIV Wind-up Vrtra
  Obedient No Summon your wind-up Vrtra minion. Last of his brood but certainly not least. A mammet designed in the likeness of the great wyrm Vrtra, who is said to be possessed of a gentle heart despite his fearsome appearance. Though this recreation is somewhat less fearsome than the actual wyrm, it is not for want of effort on its part. The hour is come, Vrtra.    - Estinien
Wind-up Herois
FFXIV Wind-up Herois
Quest reward: Complete the level 90 Main Scenario Quest Endwalker (Quest) Obedient No Summon your wind-up herois minion. Come on, you know who this hero is. There once was a woman who selflessly served her fellow man as Azem. Even after stepping down, she continued in this mission, and went on to become a divinity that hope may endure. This mammet was made in her honor. 'Tis time for action. - Ancient Hero
Brave New Urianger
FFXIV Brave New Urianger
Purchased via Wondrous Tails - 1 Khloe's Silver Certificate of Commendation Obedient Yes Summon your brave new Urianger minion. Despite its diminutive size, its arms are no less weapons than those of the man himself. While tidying up the solar at the Rising Stones, Tataru discovered a veritable army of wind-up Uriangers─the result of a misorder. Resourceful as ever, the Scions' coinkeeper altered their hair and attire, and marketed them as a limited edition model. What thinkest thou... of mine appearance? - Urianger
Wind-up Grebuloff
FFXIV Wind-up Grebuloff
Retainer Ventures: Randomly obtained from Highland Exploration XXVI (Lv 81) Obedient Yes Summon your wind-up Grebuloff minion. Smells vaguely like a rocky shore. One day, a Namazu craftsman was swept away in the One River. As he tumbled along the riverbed, he had a vision of a mysterious being, which he recreated in the form of this mammet. Or so your retainer reports. Could such a life-form exist somewhere out there? So you think yourself an adept enough diver to brave the depths of the sea? - Ajiro
FFXIV Caduceus
Drops level 87 Dungeon Ktisis Hyperboreia Independent No Summon your Caduceus minion. Won't spit acid at you, so rest easy. One of Hermes's pet creations, this intelligent serpent served as a message-bearer in Elpis. Perhaps due to his inherited memories, Amon would bestow the selfsame name upon another serpentine creation, which he dispatched to guard Dalamud. My money is on writhing snakes. - Thancred
Crabe De La Crabe
FFXIV Crabe De La Crabe
Independent Yes Summon your crabe de la crabe minion. If it were any crabbier, it would...probably still be a crab. Native to Thavnair, this tree-dwelling crab became known to foreign scholars when an Arkasodara clan pointed them out to a visiting crew. So exemplarily crab-like were its features, it was promptly identified as such and given a name to match. If yer playin' us false, I'll be back to feed the crabs with yer lyin' tongue. - Rostnsthal
Hippo Calf
FFXIV Hippo Calf
Randomly drops from level 85 Dungeon Vanaspati Independent Yes Summon your hippo calf minion. Heavy. Assisted lift may be required. Hippopotami are native to Meracydia, and scholars point to their presence in Thavnair as proof that trade thrived between the lands long ago. During the chaos of the Final Days, this calf became separated from its herd and strayed into your path in Vanaspati. Thou shalt not lift with thy back. - Ancient Wisdom
Nagxian Cat
FFXIV Nagxian Cat
Purchased for 800 Sacks Of Nuts Independent No Summon your Nagxian cat minion. The very soul of grace and nobility, and can see souls to boot. In former times in Nagxia, the breeding of this graceful and noble cat was permitted only to royalty and high priests. Yet it was not only for these traits that it was coveted; legend holds that its blue eyes can discern the aether of all things, including departed souls. I've never beheld such grace, such elegance, such... unfathomable beauty! - Stricken Traveler
Field Exploration XXVI Independent Yes Summon your Flag minion. A little reindeer with a huge appetite. So named for its fluttering tail, this adorable reindeer calf boasts a prodigious appetite that belies its size. Especially partial to corn, it threatened to devour clean a farmer's entire harvest, forcing the man to beg your retainer to take it away. I'm in no mood to be fawned over. - Greinfarr
Squirrel Emperor
FFXIV Squirrel Emperor
Seasonal Event: Acquired from Starlight Celebration (2021) Independent No Summon your squirrel emperor minion. At once more powerful and adorable than a certain simian king. Fond of mortal children, the auspice Rissai once transformed himself into a learned man and taught the young ones their letters. Like the real auspice, this self-created avatar goes wherever the winds of philanthropy and delicious sweets blow. Thanks to predation by other rodents, only the fittest and most vicious of squirrels survive to adulthood. - Hunter-scholar
Wind-up Porom
FFXIV Wind-up Porom
Purchase Endwalker Collector's or Digital Collector's Editions Obedient No Summon forth your wind-up Porom minion. The rosy cheeks and pronounced eyelashes indicate that this is the female half of a matching pair. Created in the likeness of Porom, twin sister to Palom. According to legend, they were sent by the elder of their village to aid in an epic quest to save the world, which seems like a bit of a tall order for two five-year olds. Perhaps the other mages had more important matters to take care of? This isn't a picnic we're going on, Palom. - Porom
Adventure Basket
FFXIV Adventure Basket
Crafted by level 90* Weaver Stationary Yes Summon your adventure basket minion. Because no one should have to save the world on an empty stomach. Be it a frozen waste or a volcano's fiery bowels, no matter where your adventures take you, this basket laden with tasty morsels will nourish your body while lifting your spirit. Cutlery and crockery included for your consuming convenience. This is a picnic compared to my officer training... - Dancing Wolf
Golden Dhyata
FFXIV Golden Dhyata
Quest Reward: Complete the level 90 quest The Meeting of Minds Obedient No Summon your Golden Dhyata minion. Is it a bird? Is it a fish? No, it's a translation device! A faithful replica of the artifact being studied by Professor Rurusha, this translation device is believed to have been created in the likeness of a catfish. However, none can say why the ancients chose such a whimsical form for it. Something lost in translation, perhaps? - Jenomis
Optimus Omicron
FFXIV Optimus Omicron
Drops in level 90 dungeon The Stigma Dreamscape Obedient Yes Summon your optimus Omicron minion. Minimum proportions, maximum performance. As part of an initiative to downsize themselves, the Omicrons created this miniaturized, full-featured unit as a test prototype. Alas, the siege matrix Stigma-4 ceased to function shortly thereafter, and it never reached the mass production stage. I prefer foes to be more compact like myself─tiny, puny, compact. - 269th Order Mendicant Da Za
Wind-up Anima
FFXIV Wind-up Anima
Randomly drops from level 83 Dungeon The Tower of Babil Obedient Yes Summon your wind-up Anima minion. Warning: cannot be used to teleport or upgrade weapons. In old Garlean, the word “anima” means “soul,” though some philosophers have come to use it to refer to the hidden feminine side of men. Whether this explains why Anima's lower head appears feminine is debatable, but one thing is certain: no shins are safe from this mammet's fists of fury. Distract me with your feminine wiles, and then strike when my guard is down? - Carvallain
Wind-up Magus Sisters
FFXIV Wind-up Magus Sisters
Drops from level 81 Dungeon The Tower of Zot Obedient Yes Summon your wind-up Magus Sisters minion. Essentially three minions for one, so it represents great value. The Magus Sisters are revered deities in Thavnair, and their images are popularly peddled in Radz-at-Han as talismans. Able to move about freely and perform impressive acrobatics, this set of the three divinities counts among the more premium offerings. All right, teamwork! - Medrod
Wind-up Daivadipa
FFXIV Wind-up Daivadipa
Purchased from Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han (x11,y10) for 5 Daivadipa's Bead Obedient No Summon your wind-up Daivadipa minion. Can discern good and evil─so long as they are at knee height. A mechanical image of Daivadipa, one of the Mrga traditionally worshiped in Thavnair. In the old tongue of the Arkasodara, his name means “heavenly light” or simply “eye”─a reference to his ability to discern good and evil. Naught will escape my all-seeing eyes, no, no. - Gyoka
Greener Gleaner
FFXIV Greener Gleaner
Independent Yes Summon your greener gleaner minion. Good at hiding, but clearly not good enough. Though genomos are adept at hiding among foliage, this young specimen couldn't escape your retainer's keen eyes. Due to their predilection for small insects, Sharlayans have long bred the creatures to keep pests under control. Waiting is boring, like watching moss grow on rocks. - Vanu Scout
Tiny Troll
FFXIV Tiny Troll
Randomly obtained from level 89 dungeon The Aitiascope Independent No Summon your tiny troll minion. The good kind that makes constructive, well-thought-out comments. Originally an inhabitant of Labyrinthos, this inquisitive young troll snuck into the Aitiascope, where it fell into the aetherial sea. There it met the souls of its ancestors─an experience that saw it mature beyond its tender years. I swear he's part forest troll... - Lightly Built Lab Assistant
Prince Lunatender
FFXIV Prince Lunatender
Drops from level 90 dungeon Smileton Obedient Yes Summon your Prince Lunatender minion. Use as a decoration at risk of suffering puncture wounds─lots of them. As part of their efforts to make Smileton into a paradise, the Loporrits caught this prince among lunatenders to use as an ornamental plant. However, it was disinclined to suffer the indignity, and slipped into your bag and fled. This is sure to fetch a princely sum from Master Gegeruju! - Zhloe Aliapoh
Wee Ea
Purchased from N-1499 in Ultima Thule (x30.9,y28) for 500 after getting Rank 3 with FATEs in Ultima Thule. Independent No Summon your wee Ea minion. Proof that you don't need to be big to think big. In order to rearrange their jumbled thoughts, the Ea are known to temporarily shed a small part of themselves. In this instance, however, said part took on a will of its own and embarked on a journey of contemplation. My, how thoughtful! - Cirina
Wind-up Rudy
FFXIV Wind-up Rudy
Seasonal Event: Acquired from Starlight Celebration (2021) Obedient No Summon your Rudy minion. Eager to help, though perhaps not suited to guiding sleighs. Having served dutifully as one of the saint's little helpers, Rudy returned to his home deep in the mountains. But thanks to a Starlight miracle, a wandering saint succeeded in recreating a minion of the fellow so lifelike, it breathes. Why, it's a Starlight miracle! - Amh Garanjy

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