FFXIV Aethernet Locations

Aethernet shard

The Aethernet Shard allows for quick travel to/from such fragments within a city. The player must attune himself to each fragment before being able to use it as a teleport location. Aethernet transportation is free, however, transportation is only possible between shards of the same city.

The following is an example for Aethernet Shard. The current location is Goblet North and you can select a destination to trave. It can be used to teleport to different locations within a City-State, and to different places within the world.

FFXIV Aethernet Shard

List of Aetheryte Locations

City Zone Zone Aethernet Location
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks Hawkers’ Alley X6 Y12
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks Arcanists’ Guild X4 Y12
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks Fisherman’s Bottom X7 Y14
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks Aetheryte Plaza X9 Y11
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks Marauders’ Guild X11 Y5
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks Culinarians’ Guild X10 Y8
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks The Aftcastle X11 Y12
Gridania New Gridania Archers’ Guild X14 Y12
Gridania New Gridania Aetheryte Plaza X12 Y11
Gridania Old Gridania Conjurers’ Guild X8 Y10
Gridania Old Gridania Botanists’ Guild 5X 7Y
Gridania Old Gridania Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre X9 Y8
Gridania Old Gridania Leatherworkers’ Guild X13 Y9
Gridania Old Gridania Lancers’ Guild X13 Y6
Ul’dah Steps of Nald Adventurers’ Guild X12 Y8
Ul’dah Steps of Nald Aetheryte Plaza X8 Y7
Ul’dah Steps of Nald Thaumaturges’ Guild X8 Y12
Ul’dah Steps of Thal Gladiators’ Guild X10 Y11
Ul’dah Steps of Thal The Chamber of Rule X11 Y10
Ul’dah Steps of Thal Alchemists’ Guild X9 Y13
Ul’dah Steps of Thal Goldsmiths’ Guild X10 Y12
Ul’dah Steps of Thal Miners’ Guild X11 Y13
Ul’dah Steps of Thal Weavers’ Guild X13 Y12
Ul’dah Steps of Thal Sapphire Avenue Exchange X13 Y10
Gold Saucer The Gold Saucer Gold Saucer Aetheryte Plaze X6 Y6
Gold Saucer The Gold Saucer Entrance & Card Squares X4 Y7
Gold Saucer The Gold Saucer Wonder Square East X7 Y7
Gold Saucer The Gold Saucer Wonder Square West X6 Y7
Gold Saucer The Gold Saucer Event Square X8 Y4
Gold Saucer The Gold Saucer Cactpot Board X8 Y5
Gold Saucer The Gold Saucer Round Square X5 Y4
Gold Saucer Chocobo Square Chocobo Square X5 Y5
Gold Saucer Chocobo Square Minion Square X7 Y6
Idyllshire Idyllshire Idyllshire Aetheryte Plaze X7 Y5
Idyllshire Idyllshire West Idyllshire X4 Y5
Rhalgr’s Reach Rhalgr’s Reach Rhalgr’s Reach Aetheryte Plaze X12.7 Y13.2
Rhalgr’s Reach Rhalgr’s Reach Western Rhalgr’s Reach X9.5 Y11.4
Rhalgr’s Reach Rhalgr’s Reach Northeastern Rhalgr’s Reach X13.2 Y8.9
Kugane Kugane Kugane Aetheryte Plaze X12.1 Y10.5
Kugane Kugane Shiokaze Hostelry X9.8 Y9.7
Kugane Kugane Pier #1 X8.9 Y14.3
Kugane Kugane Thvnairian Consulate X11.7 Y14.0
Kugane Kugane Kogane Dori Markets X11.8 Y12.7
Kugane Kugane Bokairo Inn X9.7 Y8.0
Kugane Kugane The Ruby Bazaar X13.9 Y12.8
Kugane Kugane Sekiseigumi Barracks X13.6 Y9.3
Kugane Kugane Rakuza District X11.7 Y8.1
Doman Enclave The Doman Enclave Doman Enclave Aetheryte Plaze X7.3 Y6.5
Doman Enclave The Doman Enclave The Northern Enclave X6.6 Y4.4
Doman Enclave The Doman Enclave The Southern Enclave X5.3 Y8.5
The Crystarium The Crystarium The Crystarium Aetheryte Plaza
The Crystarium The Crystarium Temenos Rookery 9.1-10.0
The Crystarium The Crystarium The Cabinet of Curiosity 10.1-6.4
The Crystarium The Crystarium The Amaro Launch 12.5-8.6
The Crystarium The Crystarium The Dossal Gate 12.5-10.8
The Crystarium The Crystarium Musica Universalis Markets 11.1-14.2
The Crystarium The Crystarium The Pendants 11.9-15.6
The Crystarium The Crystarium The Crystalline Mean 10.2-7.7
Eulmore Eulmore Eulmore Aetheryte Plaza 11.2-11.2
Eulmore Eulmore The Glory Gate 11.3-10.1
Eulmore Eulmore The Mainstay 11.4-11.1
Eulmore Eulmore Nightsoil Pots 10.1-12.2
Eulmore Eulmore Southeast Derelicts 12.6-12.5

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Aethernet Guides

FFXIV Aethernet

By learning to the spell Teleport, you are now able to travel instantly between aetherytes to which you are attuned. Access the teleportation menu by selecting Teleport under Travel from the main menu.

FFXIV Aethernet Guides

Unlike other spells, Teleport does not require MP to cast, and instead uses a type of naturally regenerating spiritual energy. A small fee of gil, however, must be paid to the keepers of the aetheryte so that tey can maintain the crystals and defend them from those who would see them destroyed. The fee varies depending on trave distance and remoteness of aetheryte location.

Register Aethernet

Registering an aetheryte as a favored destination will reduce the amount of gil required to travel there. Up to three favored destinations can be registered at any one time.


These massive crystals can be found throughout Eorzea, allowing adventurers to travel great distances in an instant. When first attuning to an aetheryte, adventurers will learn the spells Return and Teleport, which are necessary to use these aetherial constructs. For the ever-wandering adventurer, attuning to as many aetherytes as possible will ensure swift transport to nearly any location.

Teleport destinations

Every City-State have one main, bigger, Aetheryte and many smaller Aetherytes called Aethernet Shards, each one marking its teleport destination, while other places in the world may have just the main Aetheryte.

Free Companies with housing can place an Aetheryte housing accessory on the outside garden: when the accessory is placed, its destination is automatically added to the Teleport list.


When you attune to a main Aetheryte, its location will be added to your Teleport destination list. Attuning to the Aethernet Shard will add its location to the Aethernet destination list. When you attune to all existing Aethernet Shards of a city, your Aethernet list will get the city exit gates as new teleport destinations.

When attuned to all of the shards in each respective A Realm Reborn city-state

You now have Aethernet access to the Botanists’ Guild.

You have attuned yourself to all the Aethernet shards in Gridania. The Blue Badger Gate, the Yellow Serpent Gate, and the airship landing are now accessible as Aethernet destinations.

You now have Aethernet access to the Blue Badger Gate (Central Shroud).

You now have Aethernet access to the Yellow Serpent Gate (North Shroud).

You now have Aethernet access to the airship landing.

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