Primeval Chamber - Path of Exile

Primeval Chamber in the Azurite Mine

In Primeval Chamber, you can unlock Six Linked Sockets crafting recipe.

unlock Six Linked crafting recipe

How to find Primeval Chamber

Primeval Ruins is one of the city biomes of the Azurite Mine. It is a relatively rare biome, that has a chance of containing valuable rewards and boss fights, as the golden borders around the biome indicate.

Icon Node name Description Biome
Primeval Chamber Icon Primeval Chamber contain 6 Link crafting recipe and other loots Primeval Ruins only
The Crystal King's Throne Icon The Crystal King’s Throne Contains boss:  Aul, the Crystal King. Primeval Ruins only

The Primeval Chamber node can be re-visited, however, player cannot revisit the room below. The door to the room below is tied to the first instance only. Regenerate the node instance will wipe the access of the room.

Room below the surface level

The rooms below the surface level of the node, contains the six linked sockets Crafting Bench recipe.

The room is also similar to Ruined Chamber (from Vaal Outpost biome) Delve nodes with light pads that need to be stood on for a few seconds to clear the monsters.

It appears to be a great place to obtain maps due to the possibility for Abandoned Charts chests and can contain 3 or more of these chests in the area.

In the following example, the Primeval Chamber depth is 190 and the monster level is 83(normally, the depth of Primeval Chamber is 151 or beyond).

Primeval Chamber

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Primeval Chamber Depth

Min DepthEffect DepthBiomesIconFeatureSpawn Weight
151151Primeval RuinsPrimeval Chamber Tier
Contents Unknown
Portal: Primeval Chamber
151151Primeval RuinsPrimeval Chamber Tier1
Contents Unknown
Portal: Primeval Chamber
151151Primeval RuinsPrimeval Chamber Tier2
Contents Unknown
Portal: Primeval Chamber
151151Primeval RuinsPrimeval Chamber Tier3
Contents Unknown
Portal: Primeval Chamber
151151Primeval RuinsPrimeval Chamber Tier4
Contents Unknown
Portal: Primeval Chamber

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