Escape From Tarkov Roubles Farming Guide 2024 – EFT

Farming roubles efficiently in Escape From Tarkov requires strategic planning, knowledge of the game’s mechanics, and understanding the best maps and methods to maximize your earnings. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you accumulate roubles effectively.

Key Strategies for Roubles Farming

  1. Map Knowledge and Key Locations

    • Interchange: One of the best maps for high-value loot.
      • Tech Stores: Check stores like Techlight, Rasmussen, and Mantis for electronics and other valuable items.
      • KIBA Store: High-value weapon mods and gear can be found here. Requires keys.
      • Stashes: Learn the locations of hidden stashes around the map for additional loot.
    • Shoreline: Great for medical and high-value loot.
      • Resort: The Health Resort has numerous rooms with valuable medical supplies, electronics, and high-tier loot.
      • Cottages and Stashes: Don’t forget the cottages and hidden stashes around the map.
    • Reserve: Military loot and high-value items.
      • Marked Rooms: Requires keys but can yield high-tier weapons and gear.
      • Bunker and Underground Areas: Look for weapon crates and military loot.
  2. Understanding the Flea Market

    • Sell High-Demand Items: Items like GPUs, LedX, rare keys, and high-tier weapon attachments fetch high prices.
    • Buy Low, Sell High: Keep an eye on market trends and capitalize on price fluctuations.
    • Crafting and Bartering: Use your hideout to craft high-value items and sell them on the market.

Efficient Loot Runs

  1. Interchange Tech Store Run

    • Route: Start at the power station to turn on the power (if safe), then hit the tech stores (Techlight, Rasmussen, Mantis), and check for hidden stashes on your way out.
    • Tips: Use a secure container for high-value items. Prioritize items like GPUs, Tetriz, and other electronics.
  2. Shoreline Resort Run

    • Route: Focus on East Wing 222, West Wing 301, and other high-value rooms. Check for rare medical items and electronics.
    • Tips: Bring keys like West 301, East 222, and West 216 for best results. Avoid PvP encounters unless necessary.
  3. Reserve Scav Run

    • Route: As a scav, check marked rooms, underground bunkers, and the white bishop building.
    • Tips: Avoid PMCs and focus on looting and extracting quickly. Take advantage of free scav runs for risk-free loot.
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Hideout Upgrades for Passive Income

  1. Bitcoin Farm

    • Upgrade Priority: Prioritize upgrading your hideout to build a Bitcoin farm. This generates roubles passively.
    • GPU Collection: Collect GPUs from tech stores and the flea market to populate your Bitcoin farm.
  2. Scav Case

    • Investments: Use roubles, moonshine, or intelligence folders to send out your scav team for loot. This can yield high-value items.
    • Risk vs. Reward: Higher investment options usually yield better returns.
  3. Crafting Station

    • Medstation: Craft items like Salewa kits and sell them for profit.
    • Workbench: Craft high-demand items like weapon parts and ammo.
    • Water Collector: Use to craft purified water, which sells for a good price.

Additional Tips

  1. Insurance Fraud

    • Method: Leave insured items in bushes or hard-to-find spots and use gear found during the raid. If you survive, you might get your insured gear back, and if you die, the insured gear might be returned if not found.
  2. Efficient Loadouts

    • Budget Gear: Use budget loadouts for farming runs to minimize loss in case of death.
    • High Mobility: Prioritize gear that allows for high mobility and quick looting.
  3. Avoiding Combat

    • Stealth and Speed: Focus on avoiding unnecessary combat, especially when on farming runs. The goal is to loot and extract safely.
    • Use Headsets: Equip headsets to better hear approaching enemies and avoid ambushes.

By following these strategies and continuously improving your knowledge of Escape From Tarkov’s maps and mechanics, you can significantly boost your roubles earnings and enhance your overall gameplay experience.

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