Elden Ring Runes Farming Guide 2024

Farming runes efficiently in Elden Ring is essential for leveling up your character, upgrading gear, and purchasing items. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you maximize your rune farming in the game:

Early Game Rune Farming Locations

  1. Gatefront Ruins

    • Location: Near the beginning of the game, in Limgrave.
    • Method: Clear out the soldiers and trolls in the area. This spot is easily accessible early on and offers a decent amount of runes for new players.
    • Tips: Sneak behind enemies for critical hits and use AoE spells if available.
  2. Stormhill

    • Location: Near the Stormhill Shack Site of Grace.
    • Method: Defeat the soldiers and wolves roaming the area. They are easy to kill and respawn quickly.
    • Tips: Use ranged attacks to pull enemies individually if you’re struggling with groups.

Mid-Game Rune Farming Locations

  1. Academy Gate Town

    • Location: Liurnia of the Lakes.
    • Method: Clear out the sorcerers and enemies around the ruins. They drop a good number of runes and are relatively easy to defeat.
    • Tips: Watch out for groups of enemies. Use crowd control spells or abilities to handle them efficiently.
  2. Laskyar Ruins

    • Location: Also in Liurnia of the Lakes.
    • Method: Kill the enemies in the area, including the zombies and sorcerers.
    • Tips: The enemies here are weak but plentiful, making it an efficient farming spot.

Late Game Rune Farming Locations

  1. Moghwyn Palace

    • Location: Accessed via a portal in the Consecrated Snowfield.
    • Method: This area has several high-yield enemies. Focus on killing the Albinaurics as they drop a significant number of runes.
    • Tips: Use AoE attacks to clear groups quickly. Be mindful of the tough enemies that can appear in the area.
  2. Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree

    • Location: Endgame area, accessible via the Haligtree Secret Medallion.
    • Method: Clear the Haligtree Soldiers and Cleanrot Knights. This area is challenging but offers high rune rewards.
    • Tips: Use stealth and ranged attacks to deal with tougher enemies. Consider summoning a Spirit Ash for help.

General Farming Tips

  1. Use Rune-Boosting Items

    • Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot: Increases rune acquisition for a short period. Always have a few on hand to maximize rune gain during farming sessions.
    • Gold Scarab Talisman: Increases rune gain when equipped. It’s found in the Abandoned Cave in Caelid.
  2. Efficient Clearing

    • Focus on areas where you can clear enemies quickly without much risk.
    • Learn enemy patterns and weaknesses to maximize your kill speed and minimize downtime.
  3. Spirit Ash Summons

    • Use Spirit Ashes to help you clear tougher areas faster. This can significantly speed up your farming.
  4. Co-op and PvP

    • Engage in cooperative play by helping other players with boss fights or difficult areas. You’ll earn runes for each successful assist.
    • Participate in PvP invasions or duels. Winning these encounters grants runes as well.
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Farming Routes and Strategies

  1. Grace Site Respawning

    • Identify a Grace Site near high-density enemy areas. Clear the area, rest at the Grace Site, and repeat.
    • Efficient routes reduce travel time and maximize kill time.
  2. Clearing Dungeons and Catacombs

    • Many dungeons and catacombs in the game have a high density of enemies and valuable loot. These can be cleared multiple times for runes and gear.
    • Focus on easier dungeons initially and progress to more challenging ones as you level up.
  3. Night Farming

    • Some enemies become more dangerous at night but also drop more runes. Consider farming certain areas at night for increased rewards.

By following this guide and optimizing your farming strategies, you can efficiently gather runes in Elden Ring, allowing you to level up and enhance your character to tackle the game’s toughest challenges.

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