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Diablo 2 Wirt’s Leg

Wirt’s Leg is a Quest Item in Diablo 2. Wirt’s Leg can be obtained at Tristram by looting Wirt’s Corpse. Wirt’s Leg is used to open a portal to the Secret Cow Level.

Farm Location: Wirt’s Corpse In Diablo II, Tristram is shown to be destroyed by demons. Most buildings remain in roughly the same place as where they appeared in Diablo I, and corpses can be seen at various places around town, suggesting that perhaps none of the townsfolk made it out alive. The exception is Adria, who appeared in Diablo III.

In the southern part of the town is Griswold, and in the center is Deckard Cain’s prison, guarded by Champion Skeletons and surrounded with gold. In the northwest Wirt’s corpse can be found and looted for a considerable amount of gold, giving back to the player some of the gold he acquired in Diablo I.

Usage: Required to open a portal to the Secret Cow Level To create a portal to the secret level, combine Wirt’s Leg and a Tome of Town Portal in the Horadric Cube while standing in the Rogue Encampment. A red portal will appear if the player has also killed the final boss on that difficulty. If playing classic, that means killing Diablo, but if the expansion is installed, the player will have to kill Baal before the portal can be opened.
Diablo 2 Wirt's Leg

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Wirt's Leg Runeword

It is no longer possible to make a runeword in Wirt’s Leg. Wirt’s Leg does drop in socketed versions (1, 2 or 3 sockets possible.) In earlier versions (1.09, perhaps just 1.07) it was possible to make a runeword in Wirts Leg but not in the current version.

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