A Jade Figurine — Diablo 2 Resurrected

Diablo 2 A Jade Figurine

A Jade Figurine is a Quest Item for The Golden Bird quest. It can be obtained at Spider Forest by defeating the first Unique spawn.

Quest: The Golden Bird The Golden Bird is the first quest of Act III. It isn’t assigned by any NPC. Instead, it is initiated after the player kills the first random Unique Monsters in the Spider Forest just outside the Kurast Docks. The Unique monster will drop a unique item, a Jade Figurine, that the player needs to take back to the Kurast Docks. The quest is completed upon talking to Alkor, where the player will receive a Potion of Life.
Dropped by: First spawned unique in the Spider Forest A Jade Figurine is an item that can be easily obtained by entering in the Spider Forest and defeat the first Unique monster you find there. They will drop the item, once you collect it, The Golden Bird quest will be unlocked.

You can give A Jade Figurine to Meshif, and exchange it to obtain The Golden Bird (Item).

Diablo 2 A Jade Figurine

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The Golden Bird Tips

After you pick up the Jade Figurine, you should head back to town and talk with Deckard Cain. He will tell you to talk to Meshif who collects figurines. When you talk to Meshif, he will give you a Golden Bird in exchange for the Jade Figurine. Your quest journal will now instruct you to talk to Cain again. Cain will tell you to take the Golden Bird to Alkor the chemist. After giving the Golden Bird to Alkor, he creates a special elixir for you called the Potion of Life. Right-click the Potion to drink it, which will permanently increase your life by 20 points.

Spider Forest

The Spider Forest is the first jungle area of Act III. When the player first enters the forest, the Dark Wanderer will be right outside. Quickly vanishing, he will summon several Flesh Beasts, demons from Hell, to assault the player.

The Jade Figurine, the first component of The Golden Bird quest will be automatically dropped by the first unique monster slain in the Spider Forest.

The Spider Cavern and Arachnid Lair are both located here.

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