Horadric Malus — Diablo 2 Resurrected

Diablo 2 Horadric Malus Location

Horadric Malus is a Quest Item in Diablo 2. Horadric Malus can be obtained at the Barracks. Horadric Malus is used to complete Tools of the Trade quest.

Quest: Tools of the Trade Quest Items: Horadric Malus
Location: Barracks The Barracks is a part of the Monastery where The Smith resides. It is adjacent to the Outer Cloister and the Jail.

How to get Horadric Malus?

The Horadric Malus was left behind when Charsi fled the Monastery. It’s an enchanted smithing hammer. If you can retrieve it for her, she will use its magic to strengthen your weapons. The Malus is guarded by the Smith.

When you get near the Barracks, Charsi will be activated to ask you to retrieve a smithing hammer she had to leave in the Monastery when they fled the sudden invasion of demons lead by Andariel. You need to find the inner room (in a random location each game) of the Barracks level (first level inside the Monastery) with the forge and the hammer on a stand.

It is guarded by the Smith, a large boss monster reminiscent of the Butcher from Diablo I. He will pursue you at a high rate of speed and is a pretty nasty fight. He hits very hard and has a lot of hit points. You however do not need to kill him, you can just dodge around him and grab it from the stand. Once you return to town and click on Charsi she’ll claim the hammer, even if you have it in your stash.

Diablo 2 Horadric Malus

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Diablo 2 Horadric Malus Imbue

To imbue items in Diablo 2 Resurrected, you must complete Act I’s fifth quest entitled Tools of the Trade and retrieve the Horadric Malus for Charsi.

To complete Tools of the Trade for Charsi, you must travel to the Outer Cloister in Act I and enter the Barracks. You will need to locate the Horadric Malus in the Monastery Barracks, guarded by an elite mob named The Smith. Slay The Smith (or ignore him), and look for the Horadric Malus inside the room he was guarding.

After looting the Horadric Malus, return to Charsi to complete the quest. As a reward, Charsi will now grant you the ability to imbue one item. You can then click on Charsi and see the option to imbue underneath the trade/repair option. Note that you can only get one chance to imbue an item per difficulty (Normal, Nightmare, Hell). For that reason, you may want to save your imbue for a later point in the game.

If you need some extra help finding the Monastery Barracks and do not have the Outer Cloister waypoint, here’s how to get there:

  1. Travel to Dark Wood.
  2. Run to Black Marsh by following the road.
  3. Go to the Tamoe Highlands.
  4. Follow the road to the Monastery gate.
  5. Enter the Monastery gate to get to the Outer Cloister.

Once you reach the Outer Cloister, delve deeper until you reach the Monastery Barracks. Look for a hammer icon on your map, which signifies The Smith’s location.

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