Card Counter — Diablo 2 Resurrected

Diablo 2 Resurrected Card Counter achievement: Acquire a unique item from gambling.

Gambling Odds

Items shown in the gambling window are always normal quality (with the exception of Coronets, which are technically exceptional, even though they have two upgrade types; Tiaras and Diadems). No one wants a normal item though (unless they’ve got a runeword in mind) so the real fun in gambling is hoping to score a higher quality item, ideally of exceptional or elite type. The odds to determine item quality are fairly simple:

  • Unique: 1/2000 (.05%)
  • Set: 2/2000 (.1%)
  • Rare: 200/2000 (10%)
  • Magical: 1797/2000 (89%)

These odds are unaffected by any other factor. Clvl, item type, players in the game, magic find, etc. Just gamble and cross your fingers.

The odds that item types will upgrade to exceptional and elite are more complicated to calculate. They depend on Clvl and ilvl. Higher level characters are more likely to get exceptional and elite items, and lower level items are more likely to upgrade to exceptional and elite. The formulas are as follows:

  • Exceptional = 1 + (ilvl – excep qlvl) * 90 / 100
  • Elite = 1 + (ilvl – elite qlvl) * 33 / 100

Does gambling all the items in window increase chances of getting Uniques/sets?

No, it doesnt. Only Characterlevel affects gambling. (And Gheed’s fortune grand charm and Edge Runeword for prices)

Cheap Diablo 2 Resurrected Items

Gamble Location

One NPC in each town has a gambling option on their interface. It does not matter which NPC you gamble with, or on which difficulty level you do your gambling. The odds are the same with all of them, and are determined entirely by your character’s level. Nothing else matters: not the number of players in the game, or the difficulty level, or your magic find, etc.

The only thing that affects gambling are items (such as Gheed’s Fortune, an Unique Charm) that lower the prices charged by vendors. And those only help by letting you gamble more items with the same amount of money.

Gambling NPCs:

  • Act One: Gheed
  • Act Two: Elzix
  • Act Three: Alkor
  • Act Four: Jamella
  • Act Five: Nihlathak then Anya

Vaughan14’s Guide for completing Card Counter

I wanted a Gull Dagger which has 100 magic find, I use this on my magic find Sorceress on weapon switch and do the final hit for an added chance at getting better drops.

I leveled a character to level 11 and collected gold from the shared stash, I believe you can only carry 110k at a time at that level.

I then gambled the dagger until the achievement popped, I think it cost abit over 2 million gold.
You can press R3 to refresh the items on the gamble screen until one appears.

The dagger only costs 1607 gold a piece at level 11 and goes up with each level.

please note it’s a 1 in 2000 chance to gamble a unique item.

The reason you should get to level 11 is because of how item levels and character levels work, I believe you can only gamble items +5 or -5 of you character level, the item level of Gull Dagger is 5 so you will always guarantee at level 11 that you can gamble it.

Akiraa20’s tips for acquiring unique item from gambling

A better way to make the most of your cash when gambling:

– When you have amassed a large amount of gold, place the gold in your shared stash.
– Make or log into a level 1 character then level it to 11.
– Take the money out of your shared stash (level 1 characters can only carry 10,000 gold at once)
– Go to Gheed in Act 1 and select ‘Gamble’
– Look for a dagger in his gamble window (if it is not there then press L3 (left thumb-stick down) to refresh the window)
– Now keep buying daggers to fill your inventory. Now remember you do have a 1/2000 chance to get one so this can take some time but is cheaper then gambling with a high level character.
– Sell back any dagger that are not needed (this will help towards vendoring 1,000 items)

When to Gamble

There is no fixed answer to this, since it depends on what you’re trying to gamble. As characters increase in level more types of items are offered (see the table below) and more Modifers become available. This is good and bad; good if you’re after higher level affixes, bad since more possible affixes mean lower odds for each one to appear.

If you’re after a specific modifier, or group of modifiers, you’ll want to compare the Alvls of those items. (See the prefixes and suffixes pages.) You’ll need to exceed the Alvl of an item to have it in the available modifier pool, though there is some randomization to the levels of items and modifiers when gambling (explained below).

There are also sweet spots, when good modifiers are available, but before additional modifiers become possible and dilute the odds of getting the good ones you want. If, for instance, the modifier you want on a glove is Alvl 50, and you notice that seven more modifiers become possible on gloves at Alvl 60, you’ll have better odds of getting the modifier you want before the ilvls of items exceed 60. See the details on determining Alvl and ilvl further down this page.

Best items to gamble

The best items to gamble in Diablo 2 Resurrected are:

  • Circlets
  • Coronets
  • Rings
  • Amulets

These items all have the potential to roll some very good attributes, making them best-in-slot gambling items. However, you could also roll for lower-level items if you are in the process of leveling. Some good low-level gambling items are boots, gloves, and belts if you have some extra gold on hand.

The best stats you should aim for are plus all skills, faster cast rate, faster run and walk speed, raw stats, resistances, and, of course, sockets. When gambling on rings, you should aim for a faster cast rate, double attributes, life, mana, and resistances. You can go for a double leech ring as well, depending on your class.

One thing to note is that your character level (cLvl) determines the item level (iLvl) of what you’re gambling. The item level of your gambled item can be +4 or -5 of your character level. In other words, if you are level 90, you can roll up to a 94 item level or as low as an 85 item level on a gambled item.

In depth examples of gambling Uniques – why it is not worth it to gamble for unique items , Frostburn, Bloodletter and Tyraels Might.


Lets take some practical examples!

We will choose a character at clvl 80 for our first 2 examples, and compare with a character at clvl 99.

Let us assume a specific gambling window as an example. Lets take the normal unique item Frostburn, completely arbitrarily.

  1. At clvl 80 you are high enough lvl for that item type to always have a chance to appear in gambling window (clvl 32, Gauntlets first appear at ilvl 27), so the chance of it actually appearing in window is 1/125 since we at clvl 80 have all items appear (there are 125 different items you can gamble). Since we have 12 different rolls of 1/125, we get 12/125 chance of 1 of em to be gauntlets, so roughly 10% chance. Remember though, that there is nothing that says you cant get double roll, or triple roll or more of the same item to appear. I dont think there is a limit, but 3 of the same item is the most ive seen. To get 1 gauntlets though, its roughly 10%.
  2. SO lets to through all the possible ilvls. We have a ilvl 75-84 roll, and each of those have a different chance to roll Normal Gauntlets. Lets take the to extreme values, ilvl 75, and ilvl 84.
  3. If we roll Gauntlets with ilvl 75, we first determine the chance to get exceptional upgrade with (ilvl-qlvl*0,9)+1. For 75, that is (75-54 (qlvl of war gauntlets))*0,9+1=19,9% chance. For elite roll we get (ilvl-qlvl)*0,33+1= (75-85)*0,33+1=-2,33%=0. All negative values = 0. So we get a 80,1% chance to roll normal gauntlets at ilvl 75. For ilvl 84, that would be (84-54)*0,9+1=28 + (84-85)*0,33+1= 0,67%= 28,67% chance to get elite or exceptional, meaning at ilvl 84 we have a 71,33% chance to get normal. So the interval for clvl 80 is 71,33%-80,1% chance to roll normal, with an avg of 75,7% chance.
  4. Finally, if we get a normal quality item, there is a 1/2000 chance of getting a unique.

So the total chance on average of getting frostburn at a single given gamble window is 12/125×75,7/100×1/2000=908,4/25 000 000=

1/27520=0,0036%, or, if we assume we get gauntlets in the gambling window, 1/2642= 0,04%

TL:DR – The chance of getting Frostburn unique at clvl 80 is 1/27520 in a single gambling window, or 1/2642 if gauntlets appear in the gambling window TL:DR

Bloodletter (The easiest exceptional unique to gamble) clvl 99

  1. 12/125 chance for short sword to appear in gambling window
  2. Gladius have qlvl 30, and at ilvl 99 we get (99-30)x0.9+1)= 63,1% chance to upgrade to gladius. 631/10000
  3. 1/2000 to get a unique gives us 12/125×6310/10000×1/2000= 1/33 016,3 in a specific gambling window
  4. So if short sword appears in gambling window we get 6310/10000×1/2000= 1/3169,5

TL:DR – The chance of getting Bloodletter in a single gambling window is 1/33016 and if short sword appears in gambling window ts 1/3169. TL:DR

Tyraels Might (On of the most difficult items to gamble)

Lets take another example, now with Tyraels might, since many people ask this.

The lowest clvl that tyraels can appear in the gambling window is 79, and the highest possible clvl you can have in game is 99, so lets compare those 2.

  1. At clvl 79 we got a 1/10 chance of getting high enough ilvl (83) to be able get sacred armor upgrade.
  2. At clvl 79, we first got a 12/125 chance of Ancient armor appearing.
  3. The chance of getting sacred armor upgrade (qlvl 85) is with ilvl 83 is:(83-85)x0,33+1)= 0,33% chance (1/333)Then the chance of it being Unique 1/2000And the rarity factor (im not 100% sure this works in gambling, but pretty certain. If anyone knows, pm me). 1/10, roughly.
  4. So the chance to gamble tyrales might at clvl 79 in a single gambling window is: 1/10×12/125×1/333×1/2000×1/10=1/693 750 000 ( in a single gambling window., with rarity factor. 1/ 69 375 000 without rarity factor. 1/66 600 000 if ancient armor appears in gambling window. (with rarity factor, 1/6 660 000 without)
  1. At clvl 94 and 99 it would be 12/125 for it to appear
  2. At clvl 94 and 99 it would be (94-85)x0,33+1)=3,97%=397/10000 and (99-85)x0,33+1)=5,62% or 562/10000 for it to turn into sacred armor.
  3. Then the chance of being unique 1/2000
  4. And the rarity factor 1/10 (roughly)
  5. At Ilvl 94 =12/125×397/10000×1/2000×1/10 4764 = 1/ 5 247 691 for it to appear in a specific gambling window with rarity facot,r and 1/524 769,1 without rarity factor.
  6. At ilvl 94 if ancient armor appears in window its 1/503 778 with rarity factor, and 1/ 50 377,8 without rarity factor
  7. At ilvl 99= 12/125×562/10000×1/2000×1/10= 1 / 3 706 998 for it to appear in a specific gambling window with rarity factor and 1/ 370 998 without rarity factor
  8. At ilvl 99 if ancient armor appears in gambling window its 1/ 355 871 with rarity factor and 1/35 587 without.

TL:DR – The chance of gambling Tyraels Might unique at clvl 79 is 1/ 693 750 000 ( or 1/ 69 375 000 without rarity factor) in a single gambling window, or 1/ 66 600 000 (or 1/ 6 660 000 without rarity factor) if sacred armor appear in the gambling window. The chance of gambling Tyraels might at clvl 99 is 1/ 3 706 998 – 1/ 5 247 691 – in a specific gambling window with rarity factor ( 1/ 370 699,8 – 1/ 524 769 – without rarity factor) or if you get ancient armor in your window its 1 / 355 981 – 1/503 778 with rarity factor or 1/ 35 587 – 1 / 50 377, 8 without rarity factor TL:DR


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