Defeat The Reaver

Defeat The Reaver in Ramparts Map while affected by Bear Trap Bear Trap is a Path of Exile: Expedition challenge.

  • Location: Ramparts Map
  • Boss: The Reaver

Ramparts Map

  • Map Tier: 3, 7, 10, 11, 14
  • Atlas Region: Lira Arthain Lira Arthain
  • Area level: 74

Bonus: Kill boss of magic or higher version of this map. Awakening Bonus: Complete this map with at least tier 14 and Awakening level 2.

The Reaver

The Reaver is a unique Undying who is the boss of the Ramparts Map. He is based off the Sarn Slums boss Perpetus. A decent amount of armour is recommended.

Skills: Bear Trap Bear Trap, Ethereal Knives Ethereal Knives, Whirling Blades Whirling Blades.

Bear Trap Bear Trap throws a trap that deals physical damage to the enemy that triggered it and applies a debuff that greatly reduces movement speed and causes them to take increased damage from traps and mines.

The Reaver PoE

Level Name Experience Damage Attack Time Life Armour Evasion Energy Shield Resists Fire Resists Cold Resists Lightning Resists Chaos
74 The Reaver 820408 2098 1.65 1788944 8876 7369 0 40 40 40 25

Effects from modifiers

  • Casts Ethereal Knives Ethereal Knives
  • Throws Bear Traps
  • monster slain experience +% [100]
  • monster dropped item quantity +% [1500]
  • monster dropped item rarity +% [2000]
  • unique boss curse effect on self +% final [-33]
  • cannot be taunted when taunted ms [0]
  • traps invulnerable for duration ms [4000]
  • mines invulnerable for duration ms [4000]
  • kill traps mines and totems on death [1]
  • cannot be stunned while stunned [1]
  • cannot be stunned for ms after stun finished [2000]

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