Defeat Betrayal Targets

Defeat Betrayal Targets(9)

PoE Challenges: Defeat any 9 of the following 17 Betrayal Targets while they are Captains in the Mastermind encounter.

  • Haku
  • Elreon
  • Tora
  • Vagan
  • Vorici
  • Hillock
  • Leo
  • Guff
  • Janus Perandus
  • It That Fled
  • Gravicius
  • Thane Jorgin
  • Korell Goya
  • Rin Yuushu
  • Cameria
  • Aisling Laffrey
  • Riker Maloney

Just to clarify, a “Captain” isn’t necessarily the Leader of a Safehouse. A “Captain” is any Betrayal Target that is Rank 3 (has 3 stars), this can be seen when you click on “Betrayal Help” near the bottom right when viewing your Betrayal Board.

A Captain is a Target with 3 stars. Captains and Leaders aren't the same, in order to get progress for this Challenge the Target needs to be Captain Rank (3 stars) AND they need to be the Leader of a Safehouse.

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Each known Syndicate member on the board will display the following: Rank, Task, and Items.

Ranks are indicated by the number of stars on the top right, going up to 3 stars (Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain).

Higher ranks give greater rewards, but also makes them tougher by giving them additional items. Rank can be raised by killing them, while interrogating them lowers it. A member must have at least 1 star in order to be assigned to a division and have their reward appear at the safehouse. If a member’s rank falls to 0, they will become unassigned.


Kill the member and raise their rank. If their rank was zero at the time, they will be assigned to the division of whoever they were assisting currently. The member will be granted a new item if they have fewer than three. This option is always available if three or more members are present.

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