D2R Token of Absolution

D2R Token of Absolution

There are two ways to refund your talent and stat points:

  1. Den of Evil quest reward that can be used at any time (max of 3 since you can only complete a quest once for each difficulty)
  2. Create a Token of Absolution by combining four different "Essences," in the Horadric Cube which are random drops from the Act Bosses in Hell difficulty:
    Essence Act/Boss Location Odds of Dropping (Non-Quest)
    Twisted Essence of Suffering Act 1 - Andariel Monastery Catacombs 1/14
    Twisted Essence of Suffering Act 2 - Duriel Tal Rasha's Tomb 1/7
    Charged Essence of Hatred Act 3 - Mephisto Durance of Hate 1/17
    Burning Essence of Terror Act 4 - Diablo Chaos Sanctuary 1/17
    Festering Essence of Destruction Act 5 - Baal Throne of Destruction 1/17

    Note that Essence can only be farmed in Hell difficulty.

    D2R Absolution

    Right-clicking the token resets all skill and attribute points in the same manner as the reward from the Den of Evil quest. The components have a pretty low drop rate.

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