D2R Abaddon

D2R Abaddon

Abaddon is an area in Act V. It can be accessed from the Frigid Highlands, and it contains a golden chest.

Abaddon has the following area levels depending on the difficulty: Normal: 39, Nightmare: 60, Hell: 81.

Graphically, the area looks like a part from Hell, with doodads, terrain and music alike to that of the River of Flame. It’s disposed like a labyrinth, but with just one direct way to the final magic chest.

Monsters in Abaddon

Normal Nightmare & Hell
  • Blood Lord
  • Demon Imp
  • Blood Lord
  • Overseer
  • Blood Lord
  • Fallen
  • Fallen Shaman
  • Demon Imp
  • Baal’s Minion
  • Succubus
  • Stygian Fury
  • Skeleton Archer
  • Megademon
  • Finger Mage
  • Bone Fetish

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