PoE Curio of Absorption: The Utmost unique fragment

Curio of Absorption is a unique piece. It is dropped by Uber Exarch. It can be used with other three unique pieces to create The Utmost unique amulet.

Curio of Absorption

How to use Curio of Absorption?

The Utmost Gold Amulet is created by arranging four different Curio fragments in a 2×2 grid.

Icon Name Base Type Drop by Flavour Text
Curio of Absorption Primordial Fragment Uber Exarch Perfect knowledge is only possible in an empty universe.
Curio of Consumption Primordial Fragment Uber Eater When hunger can never be satiated, the act of eating becomes the only solace.
Curio of Decay Primordial Fragment Uber Uber Elder All that is will one day come to naught.
Curio of Potential Primordial Fragment Uber Maven The future holds infinite promise… as does she.

The Crafting Process:

  1. Combine the four unique items: use the Curio of Absorption and combine it with the other three unique pieces.
  2. The Utmost Emerges: When you successfully combine all four pieces, they are consumed, and The Utmost unique amulet is created.

Important Notes: This crafting process cannot be reversed. Once you combine the four unique pieces, The Utmost is the resulting item, and the original components are lost. The Utmost retains its corrupted nature and random stats from the Curio of Absorption.

The Utmost Gold Amulet

Icon Description
The Utmost

The Utmost is a unique Gold Amulet. Category: Amulet. Quality: +20%

Requires Level 40.

  • (12–20)% increased Rarity of Items found
  • +(0–30)% chance to Suppress Spell Damage
  • +(0–5)% to all maximum Elemental Resistances
  • (0–40)% increased Attack and Cast Speed
  • Damage Penetrates (0–20)% Elemental Resistances
  • (50% of Damage from Suppressed Hits and Ailments they inflict is prevented)
  • (Maximum Resistances cannot be raised above 90%)
  • Corrupted

How to get Curio of Absorption?

It is dropped by Uber Exarch. Place five of the same Blazing Fragment in the Map Device to challenge Uber The Searing Exarch Pinnacle Boss, and you no longer need to worry about arranging the fragments in the right order!

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