MW3 High Velocity - Modern Warfare 3

High Velocity

High Velocity gives your gun a better effective range at the cost of a lower damage range.

Ammunition types allow you to modify the damage strengths of your equipped gun. For example, High Velocity rounds give your gun better effective range at the cost of damage, while Incendiary rounds offer increased vehicle damage at the cost of poor bullet penetration and velocity.

Unlock the Ammunition Slot for Your Gun

Before you can equip new Ammunition types for your gun in MW3, you will first need to unlock its Ammunition Slot. To unlock this attachment slot, you will need to earn Weapon XP for your chosen gun by using it in MW3 multiplayer matches, Zombies, or Warzone.

Equip the Ammunition Type via the Gunsmith

Once you have both the Ammunition Slot and a compatible ammunition type unlocked for your gun, you can customize your weapon and use the new ammunition type via the Gunsmith.

High Velocity (Ammunition) patch notes

  • Decreased bullet velocity multiplier from 1.2x to 1.15x.

  • Decreased Sniper Rifle bullet velocity multiplier from 1.3x to 1.17x.


A fully automatic Battle rifle designed to send hard-hitting 7.62 rounds downrange at high velocity.

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List of Ammunition Types

Ammunition Types Effect
High Velocity Gives your gun a better effective range at the cost of a lower damage range.
Hollowpoint Hits will slow your target but at the cost of bullet velocity and penetration.
Frangible Hits will increase the time it takes for enemies to heal back the damage taken, at the cost of a lower damage range and bullet penetration.
Armor Piercing Offers better bullet penetration and vehicle damage at the cost of bullet velocity.
Overpressured +P Makes targets flinch more on hit, throwing off their aim at the cost of your gun having poorer recoil control.
Incendiary Highly effective against vehicles and killstreaks; less so against enemy players.