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Incursion Changes 3.14

  • Alva can now convert your completed and ready-to-run Temple of Atzoatl into an tradeable object that can be consumed in the Map Device. You will need access to the Map Device to use this convert function.
  • It has made a lot of changes to the Temple of Atzoatl. As you may know, specific rooms in the Temple of Atzoatl can drop unique Incursion items that can later be upgraded – many of these unique items have been improved (please read the Incursion Uniques Changes section for more information).
  • Previously, the temple’s boss, the Omnitect, dropped random rare items with special Incursion modifiers on them. Now, it also drops rare items with Incursion modifiers based around the themes of the rooms your temple contains, and has a higher chance to drop Vials related to that room. Having higher tier rooms also causes more rare items to drop.
  • Specific rooms now add specific Monster packs to the temple and Temple modifiers have been improved which results in more monster density, challenge and reward. Temple modifiers have been improved so that if your temple has more higher-tier rooms, then it’s comparable to a good map. We have also performed a modernisation pass on room rewards so that they’re competitive with newer leagues.
  • The Explosives Rooms now contain some basic chests that can be opened with Flashpowder Kegs if you don’t need them for opening a path elsewhere in the temple.
  • The Shrine of Empowerment room in the Temple of Atzoatl now randomly empowers one connected room that is tier 2 or below and upgrades it by one tier. The Sanctum of Unity room now randomly empowers two connected rooms that are tier 2 or below and upgrades them by one tier each.
  • The Table of Sacrifice in the Hall of Offerings room now allows you to sacrifice a unique item for another random unique of the same item class.
  • The “Monsters Killed” progress bar in Temporal Incursions has been updated slightly, to make it easier to see if you have killed all of the Monsters in the Incursion.

Incursion Uniques Changes

Uniques Changes
Apep’s Slumber Apep’s Slumber
  • Is now on a Vaal Spirit Shield base type.
  • Now adds 50-55 to 72-80 Chaos Damage (previously 20-22 to 30-37).
  • Now causes you to Regenerate 80 Energy Shield per Second per Poison on You (previously 50), up to 400 per second (previously 250).
Coward’s Chains Coward’s Chains
  • No longer grants 20-25% increased Damage.
  • Now causes you to count as on Full Life while you are Cursed with Vulnerability Vulnerability.
  • Now grants +15-20 to all Attributes (previously +10-15).
Mask of the Spirit Drinker Mask of the Spirit Drinker
  • Is now on a Magistrate Crown base type.
  • Now grants +30-60 to Maximum Energy Shield.
  • Now grants 140-220% increased Armour and Energy Shield (previously 60-80)%.
  • Now grants +80-100 to Maximum Life (previously +30-50).
Dance of the Offered Dance of the Offered
  • Is now on a Carnal Boots base type.
  • No longer causes you to lose (30-40) Mana per Second.
  • Now grants the Agnostic.
  • Now grants +25-30% to Lightning Resistance (previously +15-20).
Story of the Vaal Story of the Vaal
  • Is now on a Gemstone Sword base type.
  • No longer grants +20-30 Life gained on Kill.
  • Now causes Hits with this Weapon to Freeze Enemies as though dealing 150-200% more Damage.
  • Now causes Hits with this Weapon to Shock Enemies as though dealing 150-200% more Damage.
  • Now causes Ignites inflicted with this Weapon to deal 50-75% more Damage.
  • Now grants 180-210% increased Physical Damage (previously 110-120%).
Sacrificial Heart Sacrificial Heart
  • No longer causes you to gain a Power Charge when you use a Vaal Skill.
  • Now causes you to gain up to maximum Power Charges when you use a Vaal Skill.
Architect’s Hand Architect’s Hand
  • Is now on an Ambush Mitts base type.
  • Now grants 200-250% increased Evasion and Energy Shield (previously 100-125%).
  • No longer causes Skills used by Traps to have 10-20% increased Area of Effect.
  • Now grants 4-6% chance to throw up to 4 additional Traps.

Note: Divine Orbs cannot be used to change base types or add and remove modifiers. Numerical changes to existing modifiers can be updated using a Divine Orb Divine Orb.

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Lex Ejoris Changes(Atlas Passives)

  • Time Dilation now causes Incursion Monsters in Areas to be at least Magic Rarity. Incursion Architects no longer drop an additional Rare Incursion Item.
  • Pathological now has a 5% chance to apply layers of Delirium to Maps found in Areas (previously 10%).

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