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Morphing Incubator Morphing Incubator adds an incubated Metamorph item to an equippable item.

Incubator was introduced in the legion league. They are currency items which can be applied to a piece of equipment to guarantee an item drop of a specific type after the specified amount of monsters has been killed. Each equipment can incubate one item at a time.

As the right image shown, Item drops after killing 442 monsters.

Morphing Incubator PoE

How to use Morphing Incubator?

Right click a Morphing Incubator Morphing Incubator then left click an item to apply it. The Incubated item drops after killing a specific number of monsters.

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List of Metamorph item

Item Category
Metamorph Brain Metamorph Brain Organ
Metamorph Eye Metamorph Eye Organ
Metamorph Heart Metamorph Heart Organ
Metamorph Liver Metamorph Liver Organ
Metamorph Lung Metamorph Lung Organ
Abrasive Catalyst Abrasive Catalyst Catalysts
Accelerating Catalyst Accelerating Catalyst Catalyst
Fertile Catalyst Fertile Catalyst Catalyst
Imbued Catalyst Imbued Catalyst Catalyst
Intrinsic Catalyst Intrinsic Catalyst Catalyst
Prismatic Catalyst Prismatic Catalyst Catalyst
Tempering Catalyst Tempering Catalyst Catalyst
Turbulent Catalyst Turbulent Catalyst Catalyst
Unstable Catalyst Unstable Catalyst Catalyst
Astral Projector Unique Item
Fury Valve Unique Item
Mother’s Embrace Unique Item
Warrior’s Legacy Unique Item

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