Hateforge PoE

Hateforge Hateforge is a PoE 3.14 uniques. The base type is Ancient Gauntlets. It requires Level 72, 68 Str.

  • Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 30 Rage
  • (120-150)% increased Armour
  • (10-25)% reduced Rage Cost of Skills
  • Vaal Attack Skills Cost Rage instead of requiring Souls to Use
  • You cannot gain Rage during Soul Gain Prevention

Flavour text: The first Karui born on the fringes of the Vaal empire developed a blood fever born of corruption.

Hateforge PoE

PoE 3.14.2 Changes

Changed the Hateforge unique gloves to allow them to affect Vaal attacks used by traps and mines again. While these mechanics bypass the intended restrictions of Vaal skills in a similar way to totems, those cases are less abusable now so we've temporarily restored the interaction between Traps, Mines, and Hateforge. This stat will return to preventing use with traps and mines again in 3.15.

Level 30 Rage

Rage Support Rage Support causes the supported melee attack skill to generate rage. It also grants added attack physical damage based on the amount of rage.

  • Supported Attacks deal 10 to 18 added Physical Damage with Weapons per 10 Rage
  • Supported Attacks deal 97 to 180 added Physical Damage with Weapons while you have at least 10 Rage
  • Supported Skills grant 1 Rage on Melee Hit, no more than once every 0.4 seconds

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Hateforge specifies that you cannot gain Rage during Soul Gain Prevention

Example: use Ascendant War Bringer, wear Redblade shield and Hateforge Gauntlets. Sometimes, I warcry but I cannot grant any rage.

Step 1: I use Enduring cry => I grant 70/70 rage
Step 2: I use the Vaal Ground Slam skill that cost 10 rages 7 times
Step 3: When my rage is zero, I push Seismic cry very fast, almost immediately
Result: I do not grant any rage
If I warcry again, my rage will raise up.

This is intended as Hateforge specifies that you cannot gain Rage during Soul Gain Prevention.

Vaal Ground Slam has a base Soul Gain Prevention time of 1 second, so you will need to wait atleast that much to start gaining Rage again after using Vaal Ground Slam.

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