PoE Expedition 3.15 Base Types

Expedition base types introduce a new defensive mechanic called Ward. When you’re hit, your Ward is completely depleted and reduces the damage dealt to you by that amount. A few seconds later, your ward replenishes itself and you’re protected from the next hit.

List of Expedition Base Types Items

Added 9 new equipment base types, available in Path of Exile: Expedition.

Name Category Requirement
Runic Helm Runic Helm Helmet Level 25, 30 Str, 30 Dex, 30 Int
Runic Crest Runic Crest Helmet Level 49, 55 Str, 55 Dex, 55 Int
Runic Crown Runic Crown Helmet Level 68, 66 Str, 66 Dex, 66 Int
Runic Greaves Runic Greaves Boots Level 24, 20 Str, 20 Dex, 20 Int
Runic Sollerets Runic Sollerets Boots Level 48, 37 Str, 37 Dex, 37 Int
Runic Sabatons Runic Sabatons Boots Level 69, 46 Str, 46 Dex, 46 Int
Runic Gloves Runic Gloves Gloves Level 24, 16 Str, 16 Dex, 16 Int
Runic Gages Runic Gages Gloves Level 48, 31 Str, 31 Dex, 31 Int
Runic Gauntlets Runic Gauntlets Gloves Level 69, 38 Str, 38 Dex, 38 Int

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