MW3 Weapons: Multiplayer Camos & MP Weapon Camo Challenges

Modern Warfare III Weapons: Multiplayer Camos (MP)

MWIII Weapons — MP Individual Camos: Just like the MWII Multiplayer Weapon Camos, every MWIII weapon has up to four individual base Camos, all brand-new to MWIII, and each requires unlock challenges to obtain.

MW3 Weapons: Multiplayer Camos

Camo Challenge Variation: In MWII, the base Camo challenges were relatively similar across the different weapon types. In MWIII, Base Camo challenges are unique to each weapon category. For example, individual SMGs will have a different set of base challenges compared to individual Shotguns, LMGs, and so on. This promotes variety in gameplay, and the challenges have been honed to better suit the playstyle of each weapon type.

MW3 Weapons: Multiplayer Camos

Specific Weapon Example: Let’s explore this by leveling up the MCW, one of the new MWIII Assault Rifles (as shown above):

  • MCW Mastery Camos: As well as four specific Zombie Camos (detailed below), there are four MCW MP-related Base Camo Unlocks (Razor Feather, Skullflagration, Abyssal Fox, Menelaus Blue).
  • MCW Mastery Camos Unlock Criteria: Each of the four MCW Mastery Camos requires you to complete a Level challenge (e.g., “get the MCW to Level 12), as well as a Multiplayer-specific challenge (e.g., “Get 50 Kills while ADS with the MCW”).
  • Completionist Camos for MWIII Weapons: There are four additional brand-new Completionist Camos (Gilded, Forged, Priceless, Interstellar). The unlock criteria for these is detailed below.
  • Weapon Mastery: The Gilded, Forged, Priceless, and Interstellar Camos also have Weapon Mastery challenges, allowing you to claim Emblems and Calling Cards for each, as well as the Completionist Charm.

Modern Warfare III MP Weapon Camo Challenges: Summary

MW3 Weapons: Multiplayer Camos

Expect the following additional Camos, on top of the existing base and Completionist MP Camos from MWII:

  • Over 140 new base Camos (examples above)
  • Four new Mastery (Completionist) Camos
  • Over 140 new Mastery Calling Cards and Emblems
  • 37 new Mastery Charms

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