Valley of Darkness - Path of Exile

Valley of Darkness Keystone

Valley of Darkness is a new Atlas Keystone Passive Skill. You may find yourself hunting heads in the Valley of Darkness in Path of Exile: Sentinel.

  • Rare monsters in your maps have 1 additional modifier

Flavour Text: Darkening mists shroud the pale sky, blurring the barrier between nightmare and dream.

Valley of Darkness

Monster Modifiers Change 3.18

From 3.18 onwards, all previous monster mods have been replaced by Archnemesis mods. No other part of the Archnemesis league has been retained, so there is no more inventory or recipe management.

Magic monsters have one archnemesis mod, shared across their pack, and rare monsters typically have 2 mods. However, it’s possible to encounter rare monsters with 3 or even 4 archnemesis mods on them.

Combinations of multiple synergistic mods can create quite interesting situations in combat. For example, if you encounter a monster with both Storm Strider and Ice Prison, the ice prison may block you off so that you are more likely to run into the lightning mirages from the Storm Strider mod.

GGG has done a balance pass over the Archnemesis mods before making them core. Some have certainly had their power reduced, particularly when applied to magic monsters. GGG has also changed how monster experience and drops are calculated, so it’s now far more about the difficulty of the mods than about the proportional size of the monster. Various Nemesis and Bloodlines modifiers that were not represented in the Archnemesis mod pool have been added in different ways.

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