Twist of Fate - Path of Exile

Twist of Fate

Twist of Fate is a new Atlas Keystone Passive Skill.

  • Your Corrupted Rare Maps and any Atlas missions, Map Crafting options and Scarabs
  • Applying to them are modified unpredictably when opened

Flavour Text: The landscape twists before your eyes, morphing into realms of unspeakable horror.

Twist of Fate PoE

The Twist of Fate keystone changes the behaviour of Corrupted Rare Maps in unpredictable ways. Upon entering a map, you may be sent to an alternate map of the same tier with randomised modifiers. All of the master missions, Scarabs and Kirac crafts applied to the map will also be randomised. This process will not pick an outcome that was already on the map, so it always shifts it to a new property that you didn’t have before. This means that you can play all of the scarabs/master missions/maps that you enjoy, and any leftover ones can be randomised to new outcomes which are guaranteed to not be the ones you started with. This may have some interesting economic consequences, with players feeding bad scarabs or maps into the Twist of Fate lottery.

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