Madden NFL 21 New Game Mode

Innovative new gameplay mechanics in Madden NFL 21 deliver advanced levels of control and inspire creativity. Get crafty with the all-new Skill Stick that allows for enhanced precision on both sides of the ball.


Madden’s quickest way to play is back. Pick a team, then draft your Superstar X-Factors to take on the world. Each team has a specially selected roster and playbook that suit a specific style of play, while the X-factor players can be chosen to accentuate your strengths of cover up your weaknesses. With special house rules and limited-time events, Superstar KO is the perfect change of pace.


New mode, who dis? The Yard changes all you think you know about Madden. Welcome to a world where anyone can receive the snap, double passes behind the line are the norm, and style means everything. Six players on each team duke it out ironman style, playing on both sides of the ball, in a version of Madden’s gameplay that amps up the creativity and fun.

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3. Create Your Player

Your created player is at the center of The Yard experience. They will represent you in every game, but how the play, and even where they line up, is up to you. In each game, you will choose your positions on the field and the Prototype that defines how you play.

4. Power Up Your Prototypes

Every game is different, and your prototypes. Based on NFL’s greatest players, past and present, you can choose which Prototype you want to apply to your Create-A-Player and change up the way they play. Want to be a Scrambling QB? Sure. A fearsome Defensive Back? We got you. As you play through each game, you will be earning progress that will let you power up your Prototypes and earn customization items for your Create-A-Player.

5. Set High Scores Around the World

Choose events in a variety of locations and focus on setting the highest score. All of your best scores will count towards your Rank and unlock awesome rewards.


Face of the Franchise: push the limits of your legacy in Face of the Franchise: Rise To Fame. The new playable documentary career mode offers all-out levels of agency and depth throughout your journey to the Hall of Fame.


Play, Collect, Upgrade. Pull up for a brand-new season of Ultimate Team content as you earn rewards to finesse your depth chart and flex your fantasy roster on the competition.



Feel the control and responsiveness of our improved pass rush. Choose your moves via the right stick, then branch to combo moves at any time. Use these pass rush moves wisely—you’re limited to only a few per play, and the offensive linemen will learn to anticipate repeated moves.


Ball Carrier evasive moves are now tied to the right stick, allowing you to chain moves together with power moves to create highlight-reel-worthy combo moves.  You can even swag your way to the endzone using Celebration Runs with LT button—just be careful, you’ll be more susceptible to fumbles if tackled!


CPU-controlled teams and QBs are more attentive than ever. They will notice your repeated play-calls, and start using audible, adjustments, and concept-counters to combat your strategy. Make sure to change up your calls to keep them guessing!


Breakdown Tackles are a new, low-risk way to tackle a ball carrier. Both user and AI- controlled players can perform these, so defenders may anticipate them by breaking down in front of the ball carrier.

Since Breakdown Tackles are only effective in front of the ball carrier, use the improved Dive Tackles to take them down. The effectiveness and distance of Dive Tackles are determined by player ratings.

Finally, be on the lookout for Location-Based Tackles, which are available in specific field locations such as first-down sticks, the goal line, or the pylon. Ball carriers will react to these tackles by attempting to hold the ball away in a last-ditch effort. The outcome is determined by the Ball Carrier Vision, Tackle, and Awareness ratings of the players.

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