PoE Tornado of Elemental Turbulence Transfigured

PoE Tornado of Elemental Turbulence 3.24

Tornado of Elemental Turbulence Tornado of Elemental Turbulence is a Transfigured Gem. Transfigured Gems are alternative versions of existing skill gems that have different functionality and balance.

Tags: Spell, Duration, Physical, AoE, Orb, Fire, Cold, Lightning, Prismatic. Level: (1–20). Cost: (15–25) Mana. Cast Time: 0.75 sec. Critical Strike Chance: 5.00%. Effectiveness of Added Damage: 65%.

Requires Level (34–70), (50–98) Dex, (35–68) Int

Create a Tornado of a random element that hinders and repeatedly damages enemies around it, converting physical damage to its element. The Tornado will chase down enemies for a duration.

  • Deals (22–290) to (32–435) Physical Damage
  • Deals Damage every 0.25 seconds
  • Base duration is 4 seconds
  • 100% of Physical Damage Converted to Fire, Cold or Lightning Damage
  • Tornado has (0–57)% increased Movement Speed
  • Maximum 3 Tornadoes
  • Enemies in range are Hindered

Additional Effects From 1-20% Quality: Tornado has (0–40)% increased Movement Speed

Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.

Tornado of Elemental Turbulence

PoE Tornado of Elemental Turbulence Necropolis Build 3.24

Tornado of Elemental Turbulence in Path of Exile is a spell that conjures a swirling vortex, imbued with the fury of either fire, cold, or lightning. Let’s delve into the chaos:

Elemental Maelstrom: Upon casting, you unleash a tornado that randomly chooses between fire, cold, or lightning damage. This grants flexibility in terms of elemental synergy with your build.

Hindered Foes: Enemies caught in the tornado’s wrath are hindered, making them move slower and struggle to flee its destructive path. This creates a potent combination of damage and crowd control.

Relentless Onslaught: The tornado relentlessly pursues enemies for a base duration of 4 seconds, ensuring they stay within its damaging grasp. This duration can be further extended through specific gems or passive skills.

Elemental Conversion: A key feature of this skill is that it converts 100% of the base physical damage (290-435) to the chosen element (fire, cold, or lightning). This allows you to scale the damage by focusing on elemental damage modifiers instead of physical damage.

Rapid Strikes: The tornado strikes foes at a blistering pace, dealing damage every 0.25 seconds. This high damage frequency translates to significant damage potential, especially when considering the potential for multiple tornadoes.

Limited Twisters: You can have a maximum of 3 tornadoes active simultaneously. This allows for strategic use of the skill, positioning them to maximize enemy coverage.

Swift Twister: The inherent 57% increased movement speed of the tornadoes allows them to effectively chase down fleeing enemies, ensuring they stay within the zone of punishment.

Building with the Tempestuous Might

Tornado of Elemental Turbulence offers a versatile playstyle with its elemental damage and crowd control. Here are some aspects to consider when incorporating it into your build:

  • Elemental Focus: Choose a specific element (fire, cold, or lightning) to align with your build’s focus and maximize damage output through elemental penetration and elemental damage scaling.
  • Cast Speed: Since the tornado deals damage frequently, increasing your cast speed allows you to place more tornadoes more quickly.
  • Area Coverage: Using strategic positioning and potentially increased area of effect modifiers can help ensure enemies are within striking distance of the tornadoes.
  • Defense While Casting: The cast time (around 0.75 seconds) leaves you vulnerable. Consider using other skills or movement techniques to mitigate incoming damage while casting.

With careful planning and execution, Tornado of Elemental Turbulence can be a tempestuous force in your Path of Exile arsenal.

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Unveiling the Fury of the Elements: Tornado of Elemental Turbulence

Tornado of Elemental Turbulence is a spell in Path of Exile that conjures a swirling vortex imbued with random elemental fury. Here's a breakdown of its key characteristics:

Elemental Chaos:

  • Summons a tornado that can be fire, cold, or lightning, chosen randomly upon cast.
  • Deals damage of the corresponding element, converting 100% of its physical damage to that element.

Enemy Control and Damage:

  • Continuously damages enemies within its area of effect every 0.25 seconds (base damage: 22-290 to 32-435).
  • Hinders enemies in range, slowing their movement and attack speed.
  • The tornado actively chases enemies for its base duration of 4 seconds.

Scalability and Quality:

  • The movement speed of the tornado can be inherently increased by up to 57%. Quality can further enhance this speed by up to 40%.
  • A maximum of 3 tornadoes can be active simultaneously.

Key Points:

  • Elemental Versatility: Adapts to different enemy resistances by dealing random elemental damage.
  • Clear Speed: Effective for clearing groups of enemies due to its area damage and enemy chasing mechanic.
  • Crowd Control: Hinders enemies, making them easier to handle.


  • Random Element: The random elemental nature might require adjustments to your build's focus if you favor a specific element.
  • Mana Cost and Cast Speed: Consider mana consumption and cast speed for effective use.

Possible Uses:

  • Elemental damage builds that can benefit from the converted elemental damage and the chaos factor.
  • Builds focused on clearing large packs of enemies quickly while controlling their movement.

In Conclusion:

Tornado of Elemental Turbulence offers a dynamic approach to dealing elemental damage and controlling enemies. Its versatility and damage potential make it a valuable tool for various build strategies, particularly those that prioritize clearing large groups of foes.

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