PoE Crop Rotation

Crop Rotation

Crop Rotation is a new Atlas Keystone Passive Skill.

  • Harvest Crops in your Maps contain only Tier 1 Plants
  • Harvesting Crops in your Maps has a chance to upgrade the Tier of Plants of different colours

Flavour Text: “A good sword is worthless without a hundred plowshares behind it.”


Crop Rotation makes all Harvest crops in the Sacred Grove spawn at Tier 1; Harvesting crops of one colour (Wild, Vivid, Primal) have a chance to upgrade the tier of plants of other colours. Crops containing the colour(s) you do not want should be harvested first to maximize the chance of upgrading desirable colours.


As of version 3.22.0 it is located near the center-right of the Atlas passive skill tree connected to the Harvest cluster containing Wild Drought, Vivid Drought, and Primal Drought.

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Harvest is a league mechanic where the player fights monsters in The Sacred Grove to access various Harvest crafting options that they provide.

Maps have a chance to contain a portal to The Sacred Grove. Each Sacred Grove instance contains several Lifeforce Dispersers, which are each attached to two patches of seeds. Each seed patch shows a list of monsters that will spawn from the patch. Players can choose which patch to activate – when a patch is chosen, the other patch attached to the Lifeforce Disperser withers, and monsters spawn from the activated patch. These monsters drop Crystallised Lifeforce which can be used for crafting recipes at the Horticrafting Station.

See Harvest crafting quick guide for a visual walkthrough of a Harvest encounter.

The Sacred Grove is part of the map instance it is entered from, which means map modifiers apply within the Grove as well.

Player can access alternative version of the area by using a Sacred Blossom. The item would open the boss fight version of The Sacred Grove.

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