Torchlight Infinite Growing Breeze

Growing Breeze

Growing Breeze 1

Allows placing Spirit Magus Skills in Active Skill slots.

When the Active Skill is a Spirit Magus Skill, clicking on the Active Skill is also considered using the Trait Skill Growing Breeze.

When activating the Trait Skill Growing Breeze, apply 6 layers of Nourishment to all Spirit Magus, with a 5-second cooldown.

When the Spirit Magus gains Nourishment, if there are no enemies within a 5-meter radius for 1 second, their Movement Speed increases by 70%.

When the Spirit Magus has Nourishment, it receives an additional -50% Damage taken.

When the Spirit Magus uses a skill, there is a +25% chance to lose one layer of Nourishment.

For every layer of Nourishment a Spirit Magus has, when using a skill, there is a +8% chance to lose one layer of Nourishment.

Nourishment: When using a skill, gain an additional +15% damage for that skill, lasting 15 seconds, with a maximum of 12 stacks.

The growth of the Spirit Magus is attributed to The Forsaken Iris. All things in the world have a spirit, and Iris can summon a gentle breeze to nurture the Spirit Magus. With the breeze's encouragement, the Spirit Magus gains the "Nourishment" effect, progressively evolving into the "Full Bloom" state and becoming one of Iris' "Amazing Friends."

Here's a breakdown of the Growing Breeze skill/trait in Torchlight Infinite, incorporating the information you've provided:

Key Features:

  • Spirit Magus Skill Integration: Allows you to assign your Spirit Magi's skills to your own active skill slots, effectively merging their abilities with yours.
  • Nourishment Mechanic: Grants stacks of Nourishment to your Spirit Magi when you use trait skills, empowering them with significant buffs.
  • Buff Details:
    • Damage Reduction: Reduces additional damage taken by Spirit Magi by 70% while they have Nourishment, enhancing their survivability.
    • Conditional Movement Speed: Boosts their movement speed by 70% for 1 second when they gain Nourishment, provided there are no enemies nearby, allowing for swift repositioning.
  • Nourishment Stack Management:
    • Stacks are lost with a base 25% chance whenever a Spirit Magus casts a skill.
    • This chance increases by 8% for each stack of Nourishment they have, creating a balancing mechanism.

Strategic Implications:

  • Enhanced Build Synergy: Enables a greater fusion between your own skills and your Spirit Magi's abilities, leading to more cohesive and powerful builds.
  • Increased Spirit Magi Durability: The substantial damage reduction from Nourishment ensures your Spirit Magi can withstand more punishment in combat.
  • Tactical Movement Opportunities: The movement speed buff can be leveraged strategically for positioning, dodging, or chasing down enemies.
  • Resource Management: Requires careful attention to Nourishment stack maintenance to ensure your Spirit Magi remain empowered and effective.

Additional Considerations:

  • Cooldown Management: The 5-second cooldown on granting Nourishment stacks encourages a balanced approach to skill usage.
  • Enemy Proximity: The movement speed buff's activation condition adds a layer of tactical awareness to its use.

Overall, Growing Breeze offers a unique gameplay style that emphasizes a deep connection between the player and their Spirit Magi. It rewards strategic skill usage, positioning, and resource management, making it a compelling choice for players who enjoy a more synergistic and tactical approach to combat.

How to unlock The Forsaken Iris?

Following the start of "The City of Aeterna" season on September 7th PDT, purchasing the Season Pass will unlock the new hero: Forsaken Iris!

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