Torchlight Infinite Grow Up Fast

Grow Up Fast

Grow Up Fast 32

If the Spirit Magus has at least 200 Growth points, when using a skill, there is a 20% chance to lose one layer of Nourishment.

The growth of the Spirit Magus is attributed to The Forsaken Iris. All things in the world have a spirit, and Iris can summon a gentle breeze to nurture the Spirit Magus. With the breeze's encouragement, the Spirit Magus gains the "Nourishment" effect, progressively evolving into the "Full Bloom" state and becoming one of Iris' "Amazing Friends."

How to unlock The Forsaken Iris?

Following the start of "The City of Aeterna" season on September 7th PDT, purchasing the Season Pass will unlock the new hero: Forsaken Iris!

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