Torchlight Infinite Paradox of the Second Will

Paradox of the Second Will New Legendary Gear

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Paradox of the Second Will


+ (15 – 25)% Erosion Resistance
+ (1200 – 1800) Armor
+ (10 – 20)% Chaos Effect
With at least (80 – 80) Chaos, + (20 – 20)% to Skill Duration, lasting 5 seconds
Start with 50 Chaos
For every 1 point of Chaos, + (0.2 – 0.2)% to Skill Area

The "Paradox of the Second Will" belt in Torchlight Infinite offers a combination of defensive, offensive, and utility bonuses, with its effectiveness scaling dynamically based on your character’s Chaos stat. Here’s a breakdown of its various benefits:

Static Bonuses:

  • Erosion Resistance: Provides +15-25% resistance to Erosion damage, a valuable defense against certain enemies and environmental hazards.
  • Armor: Offers +1200-1800 Armor, bolstering your physical defense against direct attacks.
  • Chaos Effect: Increases your Chaos Effect by 10-20%, enhancing the potency of skills and effects tied to this stat.

Dynamic Chaos-Based Bonuses:

  • Skill Duration: With at least 80 Chaos, you gain a temporary +20% boost to skill duration, lasting for 5 seconds. This significantly extends the active time of your skills, maximizing their impact and potential benefits.
  • Skill Area: For every point of Chaos, you gain an additional +0.2% to skill area. This progressively expands the range of your skills as your Chaos stat increases, allowing you to cover more ground and potentially affect more enemies.

Strategic Implications:

  • Chaos Investment: To fully unlock the belt’s potential, consider building towards a Chaos-focused character who can reach and maintain at least 80 Chaos. This maximizes the skill duration bonus and unlocks the scaling skill area increase.
  • Skill Synergy: Choose skills that benefit from extended duration or wider area of effect to capitalize on the belt’s dynamic bonuses. Skills with DoT effects, buffs, or crowd control can be particularly effective with extended duration.
  • Adaptive Playstyle: Be mindful of your Chaos level and adjust your strategies accordingly. Activate the skill duration buff strategically for critical encounters and utilize the scaling skill area to optimize your skill usage as your Chaos stat grows.

Potential Benefits and Drawbacks:


  • Versatile mix of defensive, offensive, and utility bonuses.
  • Dynamic Chaos-based scaling for increasing effectiveness.
  • Can significantly enhance specific skills with extended duration and/or larger area of effect.


  • Requires investment in Chaos stat to unlock full potential.
  • May not be optimal for builds not focused on Chaos or utilizing skills that benefit from the specific bonuses.
  • Maintaining high Chaos might require adjustments to playstyle and gear choices.

Overall, the "Paradox of the Second Will" belt offers a unique and rewarding choice for Chaos-focused builds in Torchlight Infinite. By understanding its mechanics and strategically tailoring your character and approach, you can unlock its dynamic potential and unleash powerful, long-lasting skills with an expanded reach to dominate the battlefield.

Remember, experimentation is key! Don’t hesitate to try out different Chaos levels and see how the belt’s bonuses interact with your specific skills and playstyle to find the optimal combination for your character.

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