Three Sheets to the Wind — Lost Ark

Three Sheets to the Wind Main Quest

Zone Rewards Previous Quest In-game description
Wavestrand Port
  • 23,384 x XP
  • 296 x Roster XP
  • 199 x Silver
Find the Sneaky Pirates I found Eudi, the drunk pirate. I’ll put more alcohol in him, and head to the Traders’ Guild to find out what the pirates are after.


  1. Speak with the customer suspected of being a pirate
  2. Purchase Wavestrand Rum from Puego
  3. Humor Eudi
  4. Speak with Eudi about the shipbuilding materials
  5. Report to the soldier Deniro about the pirates
  6. Post the wanted poster on the bulletin board
    • Tavern Bulletin Board
    • Plaza Bulletin Board
    • Traders’ Guild Bulletin Board
  7. Speak with Miltz at the Traders’ Guild

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