The Leaders of Puruus — Lost Ark

The Leaders of Puruus

The Leaders of Puruus is a Main Quest found in Lost Ark.

In-game Description

I ran into Seria, who’s been looking after the Puruus. The Puruus’ leader seems reluctant to accept help from Humans, due to past wrongs over the years.


Zone: Leyar Terrace


  1. Find and talk to Seria
  2. Go to Puruu Leader Jahia
  3. Go to Puruu Commander Ligheas
  4. Meet the Puruu elders
    • Convince Elder Borosh
    • Convince Elder Ranesh
    • Convince the Puruu Elders (0/3)
  5. Talk to Puruu Commander Ligheas


  • 24,150 x XP
  • 142 x Roster XP
  • 207 x Silver

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