Temporal Rift – Path of Exile

When the Temporal Rift skill is activated, it starts storing your life, mana and energy shield values every quarter second. When you use the skill again, these values are rewound back to their state four seconds ago.

Temporal Rift skill gem – Path of Exile

Temporal Rift Temporal Rift reserves mana to apply a buff and leave afterimages of your recent past. Cast the spell again to return to the oldest afterimage, teleporting to that location as well as resetting your Life, Mana and Energy Shield to the values they had then.

It is a new Dexterity/Intelligence skill gem. Tag: Spell. Reservation: 10% Mana. Cooldown Time: 5.00 sec. Cast Time: 0.25 sec.

Requires Level 34, 50 Dex, 35 Int.

  • (0–38)% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate
  • This Spell's Cast Speed cannot be modified
  • Buff makes you Unaffected by Temporal Chains

Per 1% quality: 0.5% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate.

Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.

Temporal Rift PoE

PoE Temporal Rift Build

It is a utility skill that will help characters stay alive.

  1. It is incredibly useful in hardcore mode, or while exploring maps efficiently, but it also enables some interesting tricks with mana. Come to think of it, it'd be pretty cool in Delve as well, if you don't mess up the timing.
  2. It allows you to rewind your character's state by four seconds. After activating the skill, it starts storing your position, life, mana and energy shield values every 0.25 second. When you use the skill again, you are rewound back to four seconds ago.
  3. Build example: Forbidden Rite skill does a lot of damage, but also hurts the caster when used. Temporal Rift allows you to snapshot your full life orb, cast Forbidden Rite a lot and then revert back to full life to keep casting.
  4. Cast Speed cannot be modified.
  5. Temporal Rift also prevents Temporal Chains from affecting you while it is in use. Temporal Chains is a spell that curses all targets in an area, reducing their action speed and making all temporary effects on them expire more slowly.
  6. Stasis Prison is a unique body armour: Temporal Rift has no Reservation. It also grants Life, Mana, Evasion and Energy Shield. This is one of the best body armours for building Temporal Rift skill.

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Alternate Quality

Name Stats Weight
Temporal Rift (0–10)% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate 100
Anomalous Temporal Rift (0–10)% reduced Reservation Efficiency
Buff grants (0–5)% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate
Divergent Temporal Rift Buff causes Debuffs on you to expire (0–10)% faster 50

Labyrinth Enchantment helmet

Level Name Mod Weight
The Merciless Labyrinth Enchantment Temporal Rift Cooldown 1 Temporal Rift has 20% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate 100
The Eternal Labyrinth Enchantment Temporal Rift Cooldown 2 Temporal Rift has 30% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate 100

Quest Rewards

Temporal Rift Temporal Rift is now offered to the Shadow for completing Breaking the Seal, and can be purchased from Petarus and Vanja by the Ranger, Witch and Scion.

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