Summoned Cultist PoE

Summon Cultist Guide

Summon Cultist is a Path of Exile skill. At 75/50/25% Life, summons an add that will tether to Medved. Voiceline “Aid me”.

Medved, Feller of Heroes, the expedition boss, uses this skill.

Defeat Medved, Feller of Heroes after defeating all three summoned Cultists within five seconds of the first Cultist’s death

At 75, 50 and 25% health, Medved will summon a Cultist to aid in the fight. This conditional needs you to have a build capable of ignoring the Cultists while damaging Medved in order to get him to summon the Cultists. Wait until all 3 have been summoned and are low before you decide to burst them together.

Defeat Medved, Feller of Heroes without defeating any summoned Cultists

As stated previously, Medved will summon Cultists at 75, 50 and 25% health. This conditional just means you need to be able to kill Medved while ensuring you stay away from the summoned Cultists and not damage / kill them.

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