Skull and Bones Rocket Furnace

Blueprint Location / Unlock Condition Requirements
Rocket Furnace I Dutchman’s Camp Blueprint Cost: 6180 Silver
Infamy: Cutthroat I

Greenheart Plank x6
Juniper Plank x6
Magnetite Ingot x5
Fine Abaka x6
Roselle Cloth x6
Rubber x1
Silver x3370

Skull and Bones Rocket Furnace I Blueprint Summary

Item: Rocket Furnace I Blueprint

Location/Unlock Condition: Dutchman’s Camp (It’s unclear if any additional actions are required to unlock crafting at this location)


  • Blueprint Cost: 6180 Silver
  • Infamy: Cutthroat I (You need to reach a certain level of notoriety as a pirate)
  • Materials:
    • Greenheart Plank x6 (Strong and durable wood)
    • Juniper Plank x6 (Common shipbuilding wood)
    • Magnetite Ingot x5 (Magnetic iron ore)
    • Fine Abaka x6 (Strong and durable fiber)
    • Roselle Cloth x6 (Possibly for heat resistance or insulation)
    • Rubber x1 (Elastic and waterproof material)
    • Silver x3370

Function (Speculative):

Based on the name and materials, the Rocket Furnace I Blueprint likely allows you to craft a furnace specifically designed for launching rockets in Skull and Bones. Here’s a breakdown of the potential functionalities:

  • Rocket Launch Platform: The furnace might function as a platform or launcher for firing rockets stored on your ship. The greenheart and juniper planks suggest a sturdy structure for withstanding the forces of rocket launches.
  • Rocket Ignition System: The presence of magnetite ingot (potentially used for its magnetic properties) and the overall furnace design might indicate a system for igniting the rockets before launch.
  • Rocket Fuel Management: The rubber and roselle cloth could be used for creating seals or linings within the furnace, potentially related to containing or managing the rocket propellant during launch.


  • Rocket Types: It’s unclear what kind of rockets this furnace launches. They could be for:
    • Offensive purposes: Launching explosive rockets to damage enemy ships.
    • Signaling or communication: Firing rockets for long-distance communication or alerts.
    • Illumination: Launching flares to light up areas at night.

Additional Considerations:

  • The Rocket Furnace I might be the first tier in a series of upgrades, with higher tier blueprints offering the ability to launch more powerful or specialized rockets.
  • The game might have separate blueprints for crafting the actual rockets themselves, alongside the furnace for launching them.

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