Skull and Bones Fast Travel Points

In Skull and Bones, fast travel allows you to quickly move your ship from one location to another without having to sail the entire distance. However, you can only fast travel to specific locations: Outposts.

Here’s a breakdown of how to fast travel and the available locations:

How to Fast Travel:

There are two ways to fast travel in Skull and Bones:

  1. From the Map:

    • Open the map (default key: "M").
    • Hover over the desired Outpost (marked with a house symbol).
    • If you’ve previously visited the Outpost, a fast travel icon (two arrows) will appear near its name.
    • Click on the fast travel icon or press the indicated button (default key: "F").
    • Confirm your selection, and your ship will automatically sail to the chosen Outpost.
  2. From the Ship Management Menu:

    • Approach any docked ship at an Outpost.
    • Interact with the ship (default key: "E").
    • Select the "Manage Ship" option.
    • At the top of the menu, you’ll see the "Fast Travel" option.
    • Click on "Fast Travel" and choose your desired Outpost from the list.
    • Confirm your selection, and your ship will set sail for the chosen Outpost.

Fast Travel Locations:

There are a total of 33 Outposts scattered throughout the game world that you can fast travel to. These Outposts are spread across various regions, offering convenient access to different parts of the map.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an official list of all Outpost names within the game itself. However, you can find various resources online that list all the Outpost names and their locations on the map. Here are some options:

  • Online Maps and Guides: Several websites and communities offer interactive maps or guides that mark the locations of all Outposts.

Important Notes:

  • Fast travel is not free. You’ll need to spend a certain amount of silver to travel to different Outposts, depending on the distance.
  • You can only fast travel from docked ships. You cannot fast travel while sailing.
  • You must have previously visited an Outpost to unlock it as a fast travel location. Simply sailing past an Outpost won’t unlock it for fast travel.

By utilizing fast travel effectively, you can save significant time and navigate the vast world of Skull and Bones more efficiently, allowing you to focus on exploring, completing quests, and engaging in thrilling naval combat.

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