Siege on Harrogath — Diablo 2 Resurrected

Diablo 2 Siege on Harrogath

Siege on Harrogath is a quest in Act 5. Not mandatory, but has a nice reward and Shenk is on your way.

Given: Given by Larzuk or by entering the siege area near Shenk the Overseer.
Triggered By: Reaching Act Five
Location: Bloody Foothills
Tips: If you reach the wooded bridge to the Frigid Highlands you have gone too far. Search the Bloody Foothills for a SuperUnique Monster (Shenk the Overseer) in a special area surrounded by many minions. Kill him.
Description: Harrogath is under siege by Baal’s demons. If you wish to make good on your promise and prove yourself to Larzuk and the others bring those infernal catapults to a halt. They are threatening to bring down the very walls around us.
Rewards: Larzuk will socket an item of your choice; discounted prices in town.

After Shenk is dead, when you next return to town Larzuk will offer to add a socket(s) to an item, and will discount his prices to you. The socketing quest is just like the imbue quest in Act One, you can wait and do it as much later as you want to, and it will remain an option when you click Larzuk until you use it.

The quest adds the maximum number of sockets possible to the item you choose to socket. You can only use this quest reward once on a given item.

Sockets added:

  • Normal Items: From 1-6, the max allowed for that particular item. Check our Items section for the exact number for every type of armor and weapon.
  • Magical Items: One or two sockets, randomly. In the beta they could get up to three, but this was turned down as Bliz felt it was overpowered.
  • Rare/Set/Unique/Crafted Items: One socket only. (Crafted get up to 3 in the beta, but this is a bug that will be fixed.)
  • No Sockets Added: RuneWord items, items that have already been socketed, item types that can’t have sockets added at all, are not allowed to be placed into the selection box.

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Quest Walkthrough

For this first, optional quest, you need to seek out Shenk the Overseer past the town gates. There’s no real trick here, you just need to fight through his hordes until you reach him. Be careful that you don’t run past him up the steps that lead to the Frigid Highlands. He’s hard to miss, but it is possible.

In this area, you’ll come up against quite a few brand-new monsters. The fodder enemies of Act V are the Enslaved. They’re pretty simple to deal with but do attack in large numbers. They can also be joined in battle by Lashers, which aren’t too tough on their own, but do provide the Enslaved with a damage buff and can mutate them into enemies that explode when they get close to you. You’ll also run into Demon Imps who teleport and throw fireballs. Their health pool is pretty low, but they can be incredibly annoying to deal with. Finally, you’re going to fight several Death Maulers, which can shoot tentacles into the ground and attack you from range. You can outrun their attacks, but if you get locked into place near a group of Maulers, you’ll be in trouble.

When you eventually make your way to Shenk, prepare yourself for quite a battle. He’s not actually too difficult himself, but he’s surrounded by a massive horde of Enslaved that he will immediately start turning into exploding enemies, which can blow you up quickly. Once he’s dealt with, head back to town and talk to Lazruk. He will now add sockets to an unsocketed item. You don’t have to do this right away and can save it for when you have a better item in your possession.

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