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Sacred Orb Sacred Orb randomises the numeric values of the base defences on an armour. It is a currency item.

Armour refers to Body Armour, Boots, Gloves, Helmets, and Shields.

Right click this item then left click an Armour to apply it.

Stack size: 10. Shift click to unstack.

Note that it is currently the second-rarest currency item after the Mirror of Kalandra. For 99% of players, exchanging for Exalted Orbs is the best choice.

Sacred Orb PoE

Sacred Orb Farming Drop Rates & Price

The Scourge expansion introduces the Sacred Orb. It is more than three times rarer than an Exalted Orb. It is currently the second-rarest currency item after the Mirror of Kalandra.

Its purpose is that a near-perfect item can eventually be perfected, at incredible cost. This is not a trivial alternate-quality system or something that is going to undermine the jackpot value you'll get when you find an amazing item that also has perfect base defences.

It would be technically possible to fix a non-perfect one with enough investment, if the item was godly enough to warrant it.

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Variable base defences on armour

Path of Exile: Scourge introduces variable base defences on armour pieces. This means that the built-in Armour, Evasion of Energy Shield values on an armour piece can vary from their current values up to approximately 15% more (it varies item to item). While the individual impact of slightly higher base defences is relatively modest for most items, these values matter more and more as you face harder Path of Exile content and need to min-max your characters more.

So what are the consequences of introducing variable base defences to Path of Exile?

  • For new players, the impact is low. As the per-item base defences averages a spread of around 15%, a good or bad item you find is going to deviate by plus or minus 7.5% from average, an amount that is entirely dwarfed by whatever mods it has.
  • For players who want to craft from base types, it creates a situation where base types matter a lot more. It's far more interesting if you have the opportunity to spot a good base type to craft with, rather than them all being exactly the same. Don't worry, you can filter for it.
  • For players who want to have and collect trophy uniques or other perfect items, it gives them another axis for the item to be perfected on. Having a unique with close-to-perfect mod values alongside close-to-perfect base defences is even more impressive.
  • Finally, it does help slightly with 3.16's goal of improving character defences. This feature was moved from 3.17 to 3.16 because it made more sense alongside other defensive buffs.

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