Runescape 3 Mobile Release Date

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The release date of RuneScape Mobile is June 17, 2021. It is the mobile client for RuneScape announced on 17 July 2017. It was released 17 June 2021 for all iOS and Android users. Prior to this, it was available on Android as Mobile Early Access to all members on 29 October 2018 through the Android Beta program, and on iOS for selected beta testers.

Expansion Name Release Time
RuneScape Mobile
  • June 17, 2021

Apple users require at least iOS 14 and Android requires Android 8.0 or later, 2GB RAM, OpenGL ES3.

RuneScape Mobile Release Date

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RuneScape Mobile allows players to play RuneScape on their mobile devices. It works cross-platform with players on PC, and players are able to play using the same characters as they do on their desktop clients.

Mobile client offers all the microtransaction options as the PC client does, including the access Solomon’s General Store and to purchase bonds. Furthermore, the mobile client offers a dedicated microtransaction store.

The app has suspend and resume support which will keep players logged in but idle (for as long as they would be in the desktop version) if the player switches to another app, e.g. to take a phone call. Additionally, audio that is playing from other apps will continue to play while the game is open, though the player can choose to listen to the in-game music instead.

RuneScape 4 Release Date

Currently, there is no plan for RuneScape 4. Therefore, the release date of RuneScape 4 is still unknown.

RuneScape 3 Release Date

The release date of RuneScape 3 is July 22, 2013. It is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). RuneScape 3 is a large collection of new features added to the existing game, released on 22 July 2013, including a reworked orchestrated soundtrack, a new customisable user interface, and new camera controls.

RuneScape 3 Release Date

Developer and Publisher Jagex
  • Andrew Gower
  • Paul Gower
  • Ian Taylor
  • James Hannigan
  • Microsoft Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS
Release Time July 22, 2013
Mode Multiplayer

RuneScape Xbox One, Series X, S Release Date

Currently, there is no plan for the RuneScape Xbox One console. Therefore, the release date of RuneScape Xbox One, Series X, Series S is still unknown.

RuneScape PS4, PS5 Release Date

Currently, there is no plan for the RuneScape PS4, PS5 console. Therefore, the release date of RuneScape PS4, PS5 is still unknown.

Old School RuneScape Release Date

The release date of Old School RuneScape is August 10, 2007. Old School RuneScape (sometimes referred to as 2007scape) is Jagex’s official term for a previous version of the RuneScape game that was introduced from a backup of the RuneScape source code as it had been on 10 August 2007.

Expansion Name Release Time
Old School RuneScape
  • August 10, 2007

Old School RuneScape Release Date

This version of the game was announced in a news post on 13 February 2013, which was followed by the opening of a poll to determine community interest on 15 February 2013. The poll, which ended 1 March 2013, decided, among other things, whether an additional membership fee would be charged for access to the game.

Despite it having originally been stated that servers would take one to two months to be opened following a successful poll, on 22 February 2013, as part of an early access scheme, Jagex opened over 50 Old School RuneScape servers and gave a month of free Old School RuneScape membership credit to all of those who had voted in the poll. The game quickly saw player counts equalling those of the main version of the game.

Old School RuneScape works similarly to RuneScape Classic in that it can be played with the same account that one plays the main version of the game, yet stats, items and quests are separate and non-transferable. All players regardless of achievements in other versions of the game begin Old School RuneScape on Tutorial Island with a blank character. As a result, an economy and money supply has had to emerge from nothing since release.

RuneScape 2 Release Date

The release date of RuneScape 2 is March 29, 2004. RuneScape 2, released on 29 March 2004, introduced a more powerful game engine, three-dimensional graphics, a new combat system, improved sound including the addition of music, and many other new features.

Expansion Name Release Time
RuneScape 2
  • March 29, 2004

RuneScape 2 Release Date

Players’ stats and quest history were copied over to RS2, which became known only as RuneScape to reflect its status as the main game, one last time. Several RuneScape 1 servers were also left online, and it was officially named “RuneScape Classic”. Players who wished to continue playing RuneScape Classic were given an option to move their items back. Several weeks later, it became an option to move their items back to the main game in case players changed their minds. Afterwards, they became completely independent of each other (aside from sharing login information and the friends list).

The final piece of content to be converted from Classic, the Underground Pass quest, was added to RS2 on 15 April 2004.

RuneScape Classic Release Date

The release date of RuneScape Classic is January 4, 2001. RuneScape Classic (abbreviated RSC, RS1 or RS Classic), publicly released as a beta on 4 January 2001, is the second version of RuneScape (DeviousMUD being the precursor). It was replaced on 29 March 2004, with what was then known as RuneScape 2.

Expansion Name Release Time
RuneScape Classic
  • January 4, 2001

RuneScape Classic Release Date

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