FFXIV Runaway Train Painting

Runaway Train Painting

A painting of the Runaway Train based off notes compiled from your sightseeing log.

Icon Name Vista # Location Emote
The Runaway Train 028 Garlemald – Regio DomorumThe Runaway Train (X29.6-Y23.4)
  • Material type: Painting
  • Rarity: Basic
  • Cost: 1,000 Gil
  • Sells to vendors for Gil: 30
  • Patch: 6.1
Runaway Train Painting

How to get Runaway Train Painting?

Joyous Painter is a Hyur found in Idyllshire. You can purchase this item from him.

Vendor Location / Coordinates Cost
Joyous Painter
Purchase Paintings (Ilsabard)
Idyllshire (4.5, 6.4) 1,000x Gil

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Sightseeing Log: Runaway Train

Impression: As I soaked in all that Garlemald had to offer, I found my gaze drawn in one particular direction. Entranced, I reached for my quill and parchment…

Description: A Mark XLIX passenger train was forced off the tracks by tempered soldiers as it attempted to flee the capital, its twisted bulk left to rust in the ice and snow. Only nobles, high-ranking officers, or citizens with special dispensation were permitted to ride this exclusive service.

Sightseeing Log: Runaway Train

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