FFXIV Riviera Swinging-door Counter

FF14 Riviera Swinging-door Counter

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Riviera Swinging-door Counter Item Level 560 Table

Be advised not to let the doors of this handsome counter hit you on the way out, as many a barkeep can attest that they pack a punch for both buttocks.

— In-game description

Sells to vendors for 60 Gil.

Used for Class: Goldsmith (560.00)

FFXIV Riviera Swinging-door Counter

Crafting Recipe

Recipe: Riviera Swinging-door Counter. Gather: 8 Granite, 8 Chloroschist, 30 Integral Log. Craft: 6 Integral Lumber, 2 Chloroschist Whetstone. [32 Fire Crystal, 96 Wind Crystal].

Source Type Class Level Durability Difficulty Maximum Quality Yield
Class Table GSM 90 80 3500 7200 1


Quick Synthesis High Quality Craftsmanship Required
Unavailable Unavailable 2805


  • 6 x   Integral Lumber
  • 8 x   Granite
  • 2 x   Chloroschist Whetstone
  • 32 x   Wind Crystal
  • 32 x   Fire Crystal
Riviera Swinging-door Counter Crafting Recipe

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