Remnant 2 Ward 13 Key

Ward 13 Key

Quest Item

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This thing has to be a hundred years old or more. How has it not broken or gotten lost? Can something so small really provide access to an entire forgotten world?

Ward 13 Key is a Quest Item in Remnant 2. Quest Items are used to unlock or advanced through certain quests or main story quests, as well as unlocking and discovering certain areas. Key Items are specifically found in specific areas of a Location, given by NPCs or looted from Enemies and Bosses.

How to Use Ward 13 Key in Remnant 2

Ward 13 Key is used in the following Quests or Location:

  • Used to open the locked door that leads to the World Stone in Ward 13

How to Find Ward 13 Key in Remnant 2

Ward 13 Key can be found in:

  • Ward 13. When Ford takes you to see the World Stone for the first time, you will inevitably get it. Once you get the Matchbook hidden behind the frame, inspect it to find the Ward 13 Key

Remnant 2 Ward 13 Key Notes & Trivia

  • Notes, Tips, and Trivia for Ward 13 Key in Remnant 2 go here.
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