Max Level, Party Size, Block, Sockets, PoE Resistance, Maximum Gem Level, Item Level, Skill Points

1. Max Level 2020

  • 100 is the max level in Path of Exile. Level 100 total XP: 4,250,334,444. As is shown below, 100 is the level cap.

Poe Max Level

In order to level a character up it is necessary to get more experience. Currently there is only one source for experience in this game, which is killing monsters. Every monster gives experience depending on the type of the monster, its rarity, the area level and certain stats affecting the monster or the area it is in. The amount for the next level increases very fast.

2. Max Party Size: max players

  • 6 players is the max party size in Path of Exile.

Parties allow up to six people to play together. Players can create or join public parties by clicking on the Notice Board in town, or by pressing S to open the Social window. Players can also invite someone to a party by selecting a player’s name in chat, clicking on them in town, or typing /invite playername in the chat console.

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3. Max Chance to Block

The chance to block is a random roll made per attack/cast; it is not entropy-based like evasion. Block has the following base stats

  • +15% Chance to Block Attack Damage while Dual Wielding
  • +75% to maximum Chance to Block Attack Damage
  • +75% to maximum Chance to Block Spell Damage

The base chance to block attacks is determined by which type of shield or staff is used. The maximum block chance cap applies to both attacks and spells. However, certain skill gems, unique items and Ascendancy class skills can raise or lower the maximum block chance.

Additional block chance can be gained from passive skills, items, and Tempest Shield Tempest Shield. Attack block and spell block chance are often granted separately with attack block being more common.

4. Max Sockets

  • Most Belts, amulets, rings and quivers do not have sockets. Exceptions are Unset Ring, Black Maw Talisman, and Stygian Vise.
  • One-handed weapons and shields can only have up to 3 sockets max
  • Boots, helmets and gloves can have up to 4 sockets
  • Body armours and Two-handed weapons can have up to 6 sockets

Some items have exceptions to these rules.

5. Max Resistance

Each resistance has the following cap:

  • +75% to maximum Chaos Resistance
  • +75% to maximum Cold Resistance
  • +75% to maximum Fire Resistance
  • +75% to maximum Lightning Resistance

6. Max Gem Level

20 is the max level for most gems.

Each gem has a cap beyond which it can not gain any further experience and can not advance any more levels through experience; for most gems this cap is at 20. There are, however, ways to increase the level of a gem beyond 20.

They can be placed in items with modifiers such as the Paragon’s – +1 to Level of Socketed Gems (Prefix) prefix or certain Corruptions, or certain unique items such as Frostferno Frostferno. They can also be linked with the support gems Empower Support Empower SupportAwakened Added Fire Damage Support Awakened Added Fire Damage SupportAwakened Added Cold Damage Support Awakened Added Cold Damage SupportAwakened Added Lightning Damage Support Awakened Added Lightning Damage SupportAwakened Added Chaos Damage Support Awakened Added Chaos Damage SupportAwakened Blasphemy Support Awakened Blasphemy Support, and Awakened Generosity Support Awakened Generosity Support, and corrupting a gem can raise its level permanently.

Attribute and level requirements no longer increase when using any of those methods with the exception of corrupting the gem itself.

For example, by combining these three methods, the level of a skill gem can get as high as level 32. One way to do this is to have a Frostferno Frostferno with two corruptions such as +2 to Level of Socketed Fire Gems and +2 to Level of Socketed Cold Gems. Then, socket a corrupted level 21 Elemental Hit Elemental Hit gem in that Frostferno Frostferno. This is now a level 29 Elemental Hit Elemental Hit. Then, support it with a corrupted level four Empower Support Empower Support, increasing the Elemental Hit Elemental Hit’s level by 3 to bring it to level 32.

7. Maximum Item Level

The highest item level a dropped item can have is 86, from a unique monster in a level 84 zone (Abyssal Depths from a level 83 zone, The Shaper’s Realm, Absence of Value and Meaning, Eye of the Storm (Awakening Level 8)). A strongbox with +5 to Item Level in a level 83 map drops item level 88 items. Some divination card rewards give an item level 100 tem. All Event rewards have a set item level of 100. Note that currently having an item level of 100 doesn’t give any benefits.

8. Max Skill Points

Characters can accrue 99 passive skill points from levels and 22 or 24 skill points from quests, depending on the choices a player makes in the quest Deal with the Bandits and 20 skill refund points.

Players that choose the Scion as their character may also gain up to 5 additional passive skill points, depending on the choices they make in their Ascendancy.

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