Radament’s Lair — Diablo 2 Resurrected

Diablo 2 Radament’s Lair

Radament’s Lair is a quest in Act 2. Not mandatory, but you’ll always want to do it since it’s got a great reward.

Given: Given by Atma.
Triggered By: Starting the Act
Location: Sewers, Level Three
Tips: Search the Sewers below Lut Gholein.
Description: In the sewers below Lut Gholein lurks a horrid creature that hungers for human flesh. The creature has killed many including Atma’s son and husband. If you destroy it she will reward you.
Rewards: Book of Skill (+1 Skill Point), discounted prices in town

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Right next to Griez, you’ll notice a closed door. Click on it to open up the Sewers of Lut Gholein. Heading down will start this quest without needing to talk to the quest giver Anya in town, though, feel free to speak with her if you’d like. The Sewers has three levels to it, with Radament , your target, residing on the final level. Our best advice for quickly making your way down is to hug the outside walls and follow them until you find the staircase down. There is a Waypoint on the second level, but you probably won’t be coming back down here, so there’s no real reason to search it out unless you just happen upon it.

This area is another place where the difficulty comes from how compact the map is. Just like the Underground Passage in Act 1, you can easily become overwhelmed by the hordes of enemies. This is complicated even more by the Skeleton Archers who use fire arrows. If your fire resistance is low, they can reduce your health pool quickly. One tactic to take is to pull the melee enemies away from their ranged friends. This lets you deal with them more easily before mopping up the ranged attackers.

Similarly, Radament is made difficult by the massive horde he spawns with. Use that same tactic to bait his minions away from him to thin out the horde. Once it’s more manageable, head and in and take him down. Be warned that, even without his minions, he can still be tough because of how much poison damage he can put out. Don’t be afraid to pop back to town if things get hairy. When Radament is down, he’ll drop a scroll that gives you a skill point. Make sure to use it right away so that it doesn’t take up space in your inventory. Then, open the golden chest to get another scroll that starts the next quest.


The stairs down from Sewers 1 are in one of three locations every time. You should always enter by the stairs near the waterfront, and go to the right. Most of the time the stairs down will be in the far right corner of the level. If not there, go back to the south, past the entrance, and they will usually be in that corner, or a bit down or up from there.

Using a cold attack on Radament’s skeleton minions is very useful to shatter them so they can’t be resurrected. If you can’t do that, you should try to lead them away from him so they are out of resurrection range.

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