Prove Your Worth Challenge

PoE challenge: Defeat 1,250 Map Bosses while you are being witnessed by The Maven.

You can’t farm a single map. Once maven witnesses a boss she won’t reappear on that map until you clear the 10 boss fight.

Defeat 1,250 Map Bosses Guides

  1. Pick a region where you know the map layouts really well and minimize maps that have potentially confusing layouts or dead ends.
  2. Pull 1 watchstone out of every other region.
  3. Run normal rarity maps with no mods.
  4. Skip every monster just to kill the boss. The goal of this challenge is only to kill boss. Therefore, kill the boss and then leave instantly.
  5. Run the invitation when you get your 10 boss fight done.
  6. Rinse and repeat.

The more DPS and one-shot protection you have the better to minimize downtime.

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Deadly Twins prophecy

Deadly Twins Deadly Twins is a prophecy. Enter any map which will contain doubled map bosses.

Note: This prophecy can not trigger in map with the Twinned prefix.

Pull 1 watchstone out of every other region[1]

After selecting the region you want then take out 1 watchstone in each region EXCEPT the region you selected. Doing this will cause a high tier map to drop only the region with 4 watchstone(selected) instead of the 3 watchstone region(took out 1), and that’s how you can sustain your maps pool on that selected region. Yes … you lost the “awaken” drop rate by 2 levels when completing maps but is only a few % lost only so is fine … and you still can put them back whenever you wanna do a big boss fight like Sirus, then take them off to continue mapping.

Not use any “favorite map” system[1]

Try not to use any “favorite map” system when doing this challenge because it will force your map pool to drop certain map type only, but this challenge require you to have a balance map pool drops of all map type in your “selected” region so that you can reset the maven’s thing smoothly(every 10th maps) by doing different maps every time.

Do maps with multiple bosses

Maps with “area contains two bosses” will sum two to this challenge progress. The following is the best maps.

Boss name Map Level
Shrieker Eihal Excavation Map 70
Breaker Toruul
Thunderskull Graveyard Map 70
Champion of Frost
Steelpoint the Avenger
Jaesyn Hallowed Ground 70-79
Balah, Duke
Kruug, the Frayed
Maker of Mires
Vessel of the Vaal The Apex of Sacrifice
The Alluring Abyss
Atziri, Queen of the Vaal
Oriath's Vigil Courtyard Map 71
Oriath's Vengeance
Oriath's Virtue
Massier Strand Map 71
Master of the Blade
Guardian of the North The Vinktar Square 71
Guardian of the East
Guardian of the South
Guardian of the West
Avatar of Thunder
The Fallen Queen Vaal Pyramid Map 72
The Hollow Lady
The Broken Prince
Carius, the Unnatural City Square Map 72
Pileah, Corpse Burner
Pileah, Burning Corpse
Barthol, the Pure
Barthol, the Corruptor
Haunted Mansion Map 73
Gnar, Eater of Carrion Canyon Map 73
Stonebeak, Battle Fowl
Herald of Ashes Arcade Map 74
Herald of Thunder
Solus, Pack Alpha Caer Blaidd, Wolfpack's Den 74
Storm Eye
Blackguard Avenger Promenade Map 75
Blackguard Tempest
Avatar of the Forge Arena Map 76
Avatar of the Skies
Avatar of the Huntress
Blood Progenitor Tropical Island Map 76
Spirit of Aidan
Spirit of Nadia
Helial, the Day Unending The Twilight Temple 76
Selenia, the Endless Night
Enticer of Rot Spider Forest Map 77
Avatar of Rot
Telvar, the Inebriated Coves Map 77
Pirate Treasure
Lord of the Hollows Crystal Ore Map 78
Messenger of the Hollows
Champion of the Hollows
Platina, Servant of Prospero The Perandus Manor 78
Auriot, Prospero's Furnace Guardian
Rhodion, Servant of Prospero
Osmea, Servant of Prospero
Pallias, Servant of Prospero
Argient, Servant of Prospero
Rheniot, Servant of Prospero
Platina Ivory Temple Map 79
Avatar of Ash Death and Taxes 79
Avatar of Winter
Avatar of Silence
Avatar of Apocalypse
Thorn Acton's Nightmare 79
Eater of Souls Core Map 80
Prodigy of Pain
Prodigy of Darkness
Prodigy of Hexes
Shredder of Gladiators Racecourse Map 80
Crusher of Gladiators
Bringer of Blood
God's Chosen
The Hallowed Husk
Palace Map 81
Bolt Brownfur, Earth Churner Terrace Map 81
Thena Moga, the Crimson Storm
Ion Darkshroud, the Hungering Blade
Liantra Terrace Map 82
K'aj Q'ura Vaal Temple Map 83
K'aj Y'ara'az
K'aj A'alai


[1] vironlawck. Ritual League challenges analysis/newbie guide.

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