PoE Poisonous Concoction of Bouncing Transfigured

PoE Poisonous Concoction of Bouncing 3.24

Poisonous Concoction of Bouncing Poisonous Concoction of Bouncing is a Transfigured Gem. Transfigured Gems are alternative versions of existing skill gems that have different functionality and balance.

Tags: Attack, AoE, Chaos, Projectile, Chaining. Level: (1–20). Cost: (6–10) Mana.

Requires Level (12–70), (33–155) Dex

Throws a single bottle that releases a burst when it hits the ground, dealing unarmed attack damage in an area with a chance to poison. The skill chains, bouncing randomly to deal damage multiple times. Can consume charges from a Life flask to add further damage. Requires an empty main hand, and no off-hand weapon.

  • (26–622) to (39–933) Added Chaos Damage
  • Modifiers to number of Projectiles instead apply to the number of times this Skill Chains
  • Chains +2 Times
  • 40% chance to Poison on Hit
  • +6% to Critical Strike Chance
  • Base radius is 1.8 metres
  • Projectiles can Chain when impacting the ground
  • Projectiles Chain in random directions
  • Consumes 8 Charges per Projectile Fired from 1 Life Flask, if possible
  • Added Chaos Damage equal to (5–15)% of Flask's Recovery Amount if Charges were consumed from a Life Flask

Additional Effects From 1-20% Quality: (0–20)% chance to inflict Withered for 2 seconds on Hit

Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.

Poisonous Concoction of Bouncing

PoE Poisonous Concoction of Bouncing Necropolis Build 3.24

Poisonous Concoction of Bouncing in Path of Exile is a unique skill that throws a poisonous concoction that bounces around, dealing chaos damage and potentially poisoning enemies. Here’s a breakdown of its mechanics:

Bouncing Blitz: This skill throws a single projectile (unlike the original Poisonous Concoction) that explodes on impact with the ground, dealing area damage. The key difference lies in its ability to chain, bouncing randomly for a set number of times (+2 times in this case) before finally stopping.

Chaotic Corruption: The base damage dealt by the explosion is chaos damage, bypassing enemy physical resistances. This makes it a versatile option against various foes.

Poisonous Potential: The skill has a 40% chance to inflict poison on hit, allowing you to stack poison damage over time on enemies.

Critical Chance: The skill inherently grants a +6% critical strike chance, which can be further increased through passive skills and gear to amplify your damage output.

Life Flask Integration: This is where things get interesting. You can consume charges from a life flask to add further damage to the projectile. This adds a resource management layer to the skill, requiring strategic use of your life flasks for extra oomph.

Damage Boost from Flasks: If you use life flask charges, the skill gains additional chaos damage equal to 30% of the flask’s recovery amount. This incentivizes using high recovery life flasks for maximum damage potential.

Who Needs Poisonous Concoction of Bouncing?

This skill caters to Path of Exile players who enjoy:

  • Chaos Damage: If you prefer bypassing enemy resistances and focusing on chaos damage, this skill is a strong contender.
  • Unique Mechanics: The bouncing mechanic adds a layer of unpredictability and can be effective against grouped enemies.
  • Poison Builds: If your build revolves around poison damage, this skill can be a great way to apply poison and potentially stack the DoT effect.

Points to Consider:

  • Aim and Positioning: While the bouncing is random, strategically aiming the initial throw can influence the overall area covered.
  • Life Flask Management: Balancing your life flask usage for defense and skill damage requires careful consideration.
  • Scaling Potential: The effectiveness of this skill scales well with investment in chaos damage, poison chance, and critical strike chance.

By mastering the art of the bouncing concoction and managing your life flask charges, you can transform this unique Path of Exile skill into a potent weapon for chaos and poison damage.

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Bouncy and Venomous: Unveiling Poisonous Concoction of Bouncing

Path of Exile offers various skill gem variations, and Poisonous Concoction of Bouncing is a unique take on the base Poisonous Concoction skill. Here's a breakdown of its key features:


  • Throws a single explosive bottle that bursts on impact, dealing area damage based on unarmed attack damage.
  • Bouncing Chain: Instead of firing multiple projectiles, this version focuses on a single projectile that chains +2 times, bouncing randomly to hit enemies in a wider area.
  • Poison Application: Has a 40% chance to inflict poison on enemies it hits.
  • Chaos Damage: Deals primarily chaos damage with added damage scaling based on the gem level (see table below).
Level Added Chaos Damage Range
1 (26–622)
20 (39–933)

Life Flask Integration:

  • Can consume charges from a Life Flask to increase damage.
  • Requires an empty main hand and no off-hand weapon for use.
  • The amount of added chaos damage scales with the Life Flask's recovery amount (5-15%).

Additional Effects:

  • Gains a base critical strike chance of 6%.
  • Quality can grant a chance to inflict the "Withered" debuff on enemies (up to 20% chance at 20% quality).

Key Points:

  • Clear Speed Focused: The bouncing chain and area damage make it effective for clearing groups of enemies.
  • Chaos Damage and Poison: Ideal for builds specializing in chaos damage and poison application.
  • Life Flask Management: Requires strategic use of Life Flasks to maximize damage.


  • Random Bouncing: The unpredictable nature of the bounces might require adjusting your positioning for optimal damage application.
  • Mana Cost and Accuracy: Consider mana cost and accuracy needs for consistent throwing.

Possible Uses:

  • Chaos DoT builds that can benefit from both the poison application and the chaos damage scaling.
  • Builds focused on clearing large packs of enemies efficiently.


Poisonous Concoction of Bouncing offers a unique take on the skill, sacrificing some single-target focus for greater area coverage and potentially higher damage output against groups. It caters to a specific playstyle that prioritizes chaos damage, poison application, and efficient enemy clearing.

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