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A collectable corpse is a non-itemised corpse of a monster that is obtainable from monsters with Unresolved Anguish (grey particle effect around monster) during Necropolis league. Collectable corpses cannot be destroyed like regular corpses.

Once one drops in an area, it can be collected by Undertaker Arimor to be added to the Necropolis Morgue, or directly itemised into a Filled Coffin. Inside the Necropolis, they can be buried into one of 88 Necropolis Graves to influence the results of grave crafts. Once buried, collectable corpses must be used to grave craft or be permanently destroyed; they cannot be retrieved.

Unique corpses

Rarely, collectable corpses may be haunted by the spirit of a member of one of five notable families of the Eternal Empire. These corpses are used to craft exclusive Unique items by burying corpses with four different names from the same family. These items can also be affected by other corpses such as to increase their item level, corrupt them, or create duplicate copies. The Perandus Pact in particular can drop with one of several variations which can be directly influenced by increasing or decreasing the likelihood of certain modifiers.

Unique Item Corpse modifiers
The Perandus Pact
  • Haunted by Drusia Perandus
  • Haunted by Lucilius Perandus
  • Haunted by Quintio Perandus
  • Haunted by Kostian Perandus
The Hand of Phrecia
  • Haunted by Albanus Phrecia
  • Haunted by Valerius Phrecia
  • Haunted by Fabricia Phrecia
  • Haunted by Iris Phrecia
Veruso’s Ambition
  • Haunted by Hadrius Veruso
  • Haunted by Titiana Veruso
  • Haunted by Claudia Veruso
  • Haunted by Fausta Veruso
Nevalius Inheritance
  • Haunted by Lilius Nevalius
  • Haunted by Octavius Nevalius
  • Haunted by Marius Nevalius
  • Haunted by Julianis Nevalius
Grattus Signet
  • Haunted by Asinia Grattus
  • Haunted by Legius Grattus
  • Haunted by Tyche Grattus
  • Haunted by Draven Grattus

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