PoE Spin Combo – Path of Exile

  • Spin Combo: Spins counterclockwise while firing two laser beams for a duration, then spins clockwise for a duration, applying 3 stacks of Magnetic Storm. Used on a cooldown.

Here’s a breakdown of the actual attack:

  • Spinning Phases: The Nightmare performs two spins, one counterclockwise and then one clockwise.
  • Laser Beams: During each spin phase, it fires two laser beams.
  • Magnetic Storm: Each spin applies 3 stacks of a debuff called "Magnetic Storm" to players hit.

Tips for dealing with the Spin Combo:

  • Identify the Tell: Watch for the wind-up animation before the Nightmare starts spinning. This will give you a chance to react.
  • Move away: Since the lasers have a limited range, simply moving out of the way during the spin can avoid taking damage.
  • Dodge the Beams: While moving away, try to dodge the laser beams for additional damage mitigation.
  • Manage Magnetic Storm: The Magnetic Storm debuff can be dangerous if stacked too high. Use defensive flasks or skills to remove debuffs if needed.

By understanding the mechanics of the Spin Combo, you can effectively dodge it and minimize damage taken during the encounter with the Nightmare of the Unbreakable.

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