PoE Magnetic Burst – Path of Exile

  • Magnetic Burst: Charges a large area of effect at the player’s current location before exploding, applying 3 stacks of Magnetic Storm.

It’s a clear description of the initial attack used by the Nightmare of the Unbreakable boss in the Fortress Map.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Magnetic Burst: This refers to the first part of the Nightmare’s attack sequence. It’s a slam attack that creates a large area of effect (AoE) explosion at its current location.
  • Charging: There might not be a visible "charging" animation, but the Nightmare likely raises its weapon before slamming down.
  • Magnetic Storm: This debuff is accurately described. The slam attack applies 3 stacks of "Magnetic Storm" to players caught in the blast.

Understanding the Sequence:

  1. Slam Attack (Magnetic Burst): The Nightmare slams its weapon, creating the large AoE explosion and applying Magnetic Storm.
  2. Spin Combo: Following the slam, the Nightmare transitions into the well-known Spin Combo – spinning counterclockwise and clockwise while firing lasers and applying additional Magnetic Storm stacks.

Tips for Dealing with the Slam Attack:

  • Observe the Animation: Look for the telltale sign of the Nightmare raising its weapon, indicating the impending slam.
  • Move Quickly: React swiftly to dodge the AoE explosion. Since the slam has a wider area of effect compared to the Spin Combo’s lasers, moving away can be very effective.
  • Prepare for the Spin Combo: Be ready to dodge or mitigate the subsequent Spin Combo after the slam.

By recognizing the "Magnetic Burst" as the initial slam attack and understanding its role in the sequence, you’ll be better equipped to handle the entire attack pattern of the Nightmare of the Unbreakable.

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