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Savage Hit

Savage Hit is a keyword that refers to hits that remove at least 15% of the target’s maximum life. Damage to energy shield, mana and ward are not counted toward the savage hit threshold.

In Path of Exile, a Savage Hit refers to a specific type of attack that deals significant damage to a target’s life pool. Here’s a breakdown of what Savage Hits are and how they work:

Damage Threshold:

  • A Savage Hit is any attack that removes at least 15% of the target’s maximum life in a single hit.
  • Damage dealt to Energy Shield (ES) or Mana does not count towards this threshold. Only damage directly to life qualifies as a Savage Hit.

Mechanics and Interactions:

  • Savage Hits can be triggered by both players and monsters.
  • Certain items and passives have effects that activate based on taking a Savage Hit.
    • Soul of Garukhan Pantheon Power: Grants a chance to evade attacks if you’ve recently been hit by a Savage Hit, increasing your survivability after taking a big hit.
    • Forbidden Taste Flask: This unique flask can be triggered "When you take a Savage Hit," providing a burst of healing or other beneficial effects.

Things to Consider:

  • Savage Hits can be dangerous, especially for characters with low maximum life. If you’re building a character with low life, you’ll need to have strong defenses to mitigate the risk of Savage Hits.
  • Savage Hits can be beneficial for characters with high life regeneration or ways to recover life quickly. Builds that can take a big hit and bounce back can leverage Savage Hits to trigger beneficial effects.

Not Related to Item Rarity:

  • It’s important to note that Savage Hits have nothing to do with item rarity. This means increasing your item rarity stat won’t affect how often you take or deal Savage Hits.

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