PoE Projectiles Return To You From Final Target

The "Projectiles Return to you from final target" modifier on the Nimis ring in Path of Exile is definitely its most intriguing and impactful stat. Here’s a deeper dive into how it works and how you can utilize it effectively:


  • Once your projectiles hit their final target (the last monster they damage before fizzling out), they teleport back to your current location.
  • This creates a chaotic shotgun effect, firing the projectiles back out in random directions.
  • The returned projectiles retain their remaining chain/fork/pierce potential, effectively giving them another chance to hit enemies.
  • However, they cannot return again after hitting another target or reaching their lifespan.


  • This mechanic opens up interesting strategic options, especially with the right skills and support gems:
    • Multiple Projectiles: Combine with skills like Elemental Hit, Frost Blades, Shrapnel Ballista, or Ice Spear to maximize the number of returning projectiles and potential damage.
    • Chain/Fork Support Gems: Utilize these gems to increase the chances of returned projectiles hitting additional enemies.
    • Area of Effect (AoE) Skills: While not directly benefiting from the returning projectiles, skills like Blazing Salvo can leverage the additional initial hit before the projectiles chaotically spread.
    • Ancestral Bond: This keystone skill allows you to deal damage based on the combined life of you and your minions. With Nimis, your returning projectiles can trigger Ancestral Bond multiple times with a single attack, boosting your minion damage significantly.


  • Targeting: As the projectiles fire in random directions, aiming becomes difficult, especially against single targets or mobile enemies. You need to adapt your positioning and playstyle to maximize the chance of hitting enemies with the returning projectiles.
  • Survivability: The close-quarters playstyle encouraged by Nimis can be risky, so proper defensive measures are crucial.
  • Gear and Gem Optimization: Building for success with Nimis requires careful consideration of skill interactions, support gems, and overall gear synergy to maximize the returning projectiles’ effectiveness.


Nimis is a game-changer for certain builds, offering high damage potential and unique strategic possibilities. However, it demands adaptation, skillful targeting, and proper build planning to fully harness its chaotic power.

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