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  • Magnetic Beam: Fires a line of orbs, then fires a beam, causing them to move apart in two perpendicular lines and zap lightning in the area between. Orbs apply 2 stacks of Magnetic Storm on contact; zaps rapidly apply a single stack.

The attack you described seems to be a combination of two separate moves used by the Nightmare:

  1. Magnetic Burst: This is the initial slam attack we discussed earlier. It doesn’t involve beams, but it creates a large area of effect (AoE) explosion and applies Magnetic Storm.

  2. Fortress Map Beams: This refers to the attack where multiple beams fire from the electrodes around the arena during the Nightmare of the Unbreakable fight. These beams do converge and zap lightning in the area between them, potentially matching the "Magnetic Beam" description.

Here’s a breakdown of the actual mechanics:

  • Magnetic Burst: As mentioned before, this is the slam attack that applies Magnetic Storm.
  • Fortress Map Beams: These beams erupt from the arena walls and converge on the Nightmare, not fired directly by the boss itself. They do not apply Magnetic Storm, but can deal significant damage if you get caught in their path.

Understanding the Overall Fight:

  • The Nightmare uses the slam attack (Magnetic Burst) to initiate the encounter.
  • Throughout the fight, beams periodically fire from the arena walls, converging on the boss.

Tips for the Fight:

  • Dodge the initial slam attack (Magnetic Burst) to avoid the AoE damage and Magnetic Storm debuff.
  • Be aware of the arena and the timing of the beam attacks. Move strategically to avoid getting hit by them.

By separating the "Magnetic Beam" description into its likely components, you can strategize for the entire encounter with the Nightmare of the Unbreakable.

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